Is nuclear Power an old technology ?

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Is nuclear Power an old technology 

Nuclear technology , one of the fastest growing methodology for power generation or methodology of Mass destruction. This will always remain matter of discussion as every technology has its own repercussion and same with Nuclear Technology . Now when whole world is in need of more and more cheap source of energy for its growth and development there is also need of keeping our environment clean.

There has been two greatest inventions of man kind

1. Wheel

2. Fire

Donot you think soon , this statement will loose its relevance , I do understand its difficult to think world without these two but to understand in better way , we need to go little deep in this and a step backward

why do we need wheel?

I think , to cover distance . Then do we really need wheels when we have rockets , now what is left just to control our rocket or helicopter more easily. I think science will achieve this within coming 25 years and will compress Helicopter in suites and cloth. Its just matter of time to bring down cost of manufacturing and wheels will be Matter of Passe.

Now Fire : Although consequence of fire after invention has been equally Good and Bad has taken as many lives as it has fed , atleast if we include after death procedures then it will be equal. In short  if fire would have only the good consequences as like that of wheel or at least we could decrease casualties due to fire without minimizing its ill effect. Can we change property of fire.  Probably as of now not , but if we could then it would have been great , is not it. After all we have done this with Iron , Carbon etc. May be sometimes in future we can.

Now let us come to Nuclear energy , why did we need nuclear energy?

When we lit fire first time , we had no knowledge of its ill effect and harm to environment as combustion and emission of gases. By the time we came to know its ill effects , we were got to know that More efficient your fuel is more hazardous it is for human civilization

Water mills are least efficient in terms of there production and thus they are no threat to environment as whole but a thermal power plant any where on earth is like a pin which you have stuck in your self to hang yourself like photo frame.

Now you fossil fuels are more efficient but they are like strong nail at place of which gives you more pain as well with emission of carbon mono oxide

So is case with Nuclear technology , Its like a nail , which will definetly give more balance but has more risk of wiping out civilization or human race as whole.

Now people will argue that , with fear of ill effects , we can not stop using the technology , we can not change property of fire as of now but till then we can minimize its usage.

Thank God we could avoid Fukushima , Suppose , those few brave people would have gone unsuccessful . Whom you would have made responsible.

When we got better technology then why not to shift there , when risk with Nuclear technology is high and on top of that , we have more better and conventional sources under our ocean then why not to invest there. Why we are busy in paying for the R&D efforts of developed countries. After all there this technology is passe , now energy can be created from thermal heat of earth and even bio coals which is our human excreta.

After all Pager , phased out without reaching to mass because technology got advance and people got Mobile. It was loss to companies who invested in Pager technology but It was for better of Human society .

Investors of Nuclear technology are still fighting to keep it alive just on name of producing energy one can test of Nuclear Bomb as well.

We have got better technologies , so we need to use them and just phase out Nuclear energy.

May Nuclear Technology rest in peace


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9 Responses to Is nuclear Power an old technology ?

  1. Tapash Mazumder says:

    Nuclear Energy, a very nice effort by the author to bring up the required points to be known regarding the same. The discovery of this energy not only provided human race with a good source of energy but also resulted in threating the world. Besides creating weapons of mass destruction , it is also responsible for depletion of the environment. At present times , we really need to go for some alternate sources of energy which may only be responsible for its utilization for the good.

  2. Ranjit Singh says:

    Everything in this world has merits and demerits.Everything includes Nuclear energy also.It has some bad as well as good affects.But according to me we should always take the good affects of everything skipping the bad affects.

  3. Tuhin Banerjee says:

    Nuclear power was a boon to energy moderation , as our recent pasts witnessed some of the greatest advancement humans have made in terms of nuclear modulation. There is no second opinion that nuclear energy can provide enough to the cause , in fact much more than any other resources .
    A nice and sincere measure of using Nuclear Technology will safeguard the allegations related to radiations .And world will witness ever ending source , as other resources although is safe need a great labor to implement .

  4. Mrityunjay Kumar Singh says:

    It’s definitely a bane as it is highly dangerous. What is the use of this power, when people are suffering from severe health problems. It’s not too difficult to live without power, but it’s difficult to live without good health. Growth of Technology should not be a danger for human survival. We should work more on alternatives such as solar energy and hydroelectric energies etc.

  5. Sanjana Kumari says:

    As we all know that Nuclear technology , one of the fastest growing methodology for power generation or methodology of Mass destruction. It is a growing technology in today’s developing world.

  6. Jishnu Sen says:

    Nuclear Energy is the next generation industry, career, weapon and savior to some extent.

  7. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    The greatest invention of human beings are the fire. But in the recent world the power sector becomes the most vital field. As our resources are coming to end up, we all start thinking about the other resources. The nuclear power is the solution. All the vital prospectives of that field are mentioned in that article…

  8. Preeti Nisha says:

    Nuclear power has always emerged as one of the the growing power technologies but as this posts suggests more enumerative and non risky methods they we should definetly shift to it as our resources have already depleted and enormous use of it will harm the globalization and forth coming generation. Bio coals and thermal heat of earth are suggested measures that should be implemented.. I too agree with the whole idea.

  9. Soubarna Biswas says:

    though old but it can still now produce lot of energy. but yes it is very risky. so we should shift to other energy sources.

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