Is rural India strength for India?

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India is considered as a land of villages. There are a total of 5,93,732 villages and 5,161 towns in India. With this figure we can estimate how much rural India is. This proves that villages play a vital role in the strength or weakness of India. Assume our country as a tree, then cities are branches and villages are the root. Without roots tree cannot grow. Cities may have all or several facilities, luxuries but the life in cities goes on mechanically, while on the other hand life in villages holds more values to life. It is very true that India needs more advanced villages than a handful of cities. Villages help in the growth of Indian economy. 90% people of India live in villages. This means major strength of India lies on rural India only. In order to make it a strength in literal sense the villagers need to be very aware and advanced. All the villages are the centers of economy. Cost of infrastructure in towns is very much high but the cost of infrastructure in villages is quite low than the towns. If the economy of the villages is improved then it will affect the people and will also change the lifestyle of people. If the villagers grow more and more crops then there will be enough food to eat. Because of more production of food, food prices will go down. Villagers can make jute bags and sell them in neighboring towns and can earn livelihood. Like this more villagers can be employed. If more and more production will be there then economy will be better. Villages play a very crucial role in the development of Indian economy. Indian villages are not developing because political leaders are not willing to change the future of India.

rural India

Is rural India the strength of India?

Large scale industries need a lot of money and time to be put up. Small industries can be easily set up by the villagers. Villagers should be given loans by the banks to set up and run a small scale industry. We can take the example of Gujarat. A small village in Gujarat has started Amul milk production and now they provide milk to whole India. Government has started NREGA, 2005 and PMRY to employ those people who are willing to get employed in this sector. Labor cost goes up because of big industries because these are unions. Villagers need better planning by the government. Government should give occasions to villagers to work. Villages can be developed in a very good way. Roads can be made in villages. If roads will be constructed in villages then hospitals, banks, schools etc. Can be opened. Villagers should be taught better methods of cultivation. They should be given information on weather, bio pesticides, pesticides, fertilizers, crops and soil. Government should be welfare government if India has to really improve and grow.

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13 Responses to Is rural India strength for India?

  1. Amit Lakhaani says:

    Great Article!

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  2. Rohit Kumar says:

    India is a land of villages. 70% of the Indian population belong to village. Still India is lagging in technology and industrialization. So Indian farmer are also lagging in their development. We should provide them more facilities to overcome with their economy problem and schemes so to encourage them.

  3. Atif Pall says:

    Indian villages are our strength, because they contribute the maximum for our agricultural sector, most of our Indian population (more than 70%) lie in the villages. Indian villages surely forms an integral part of Indians success in global arena. The main contribution that they provide is the stability of economy, which is basically lacking in the cities. But their contribution by far is very less considering the fact of what they are actually capable of.

  4. aratrika sengupta says:

    Villages are strength for us and our economy as they still provide us with 27% GDP, they teach us moral values and our ground roots. We can make this strength to be become a powerful tool to our success by teaching the villagers and implementing refined ways for doing agriculture and educating villagers so that they can contribute to our service industry and grow the country to become a super power.
    After all, “padhega India tabhi to badhega India.” 🙂

  5. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    In my views rural area is strength of India. About 70% area of India comes in rural area. Food that we every day is come from villages. Mostly villagers do farming to earn money. It helps us in our economic development also.

  6. oishi chatterjee says:

    Rural India is the sole source of raw materials needed in every fields of business. That means it has vast resources without which India would actually struggle for its development. But it is also true that today the underdeveloped nature of rural india is responsible for India being developing country rather being a developed one as rural india or so called indian villages are also source of high amount of illiterates and ignorance about quality and cost efficient agriculture preventing India to develop further. so i would consider it a weakness rather than strength.

  7. Pallavi sinha says:

    Yeah off course rural India is a backbone and strength of Indian economy.About 70 % population of India belongs to rural area which depends on agriculture for their survival.All we know that in India the major source of employment is farming which strengthens the economy by increasing gdp rate and export business in India.

  8. Priyanka Baidya says:

    Villagers are the backbone of Indian economy.
    They are the real strength of India.
    The food we are having today is just the result of the hard working of the villagers,who only works hard to serve the nation.
    Along with it is also true that there are lack of basic infrastructure to match the standard of the cities and the developed world.
    But if we want to live in a developed India we will have to provide quality education to the villagers children and basic health care facility to all villagers at minimum cost so that their quality of life could improve.
    Basic infrastructure like good roads,electricity,post offices,banks,farmer help center,food processing industries,cold storage’s etc should be provided in the rural area.
    So that economic revolution can be brought in the rural India.

  9. Sayanti Banerjee says:

    As agriculture is the most adopted field in rural areas which is big stength of india too
    so i feel rural areas r the strength for money making but due to communication problem and many more things -the areas are under developed….which again not a good sign for a developing country

  10. boopathy sathish says:

    rural India is great strength… India is a agricultural base country …most of the farming is done in rural place

  11. Mahima Sharma says:

    Nice Article sakshi 🙂
    Yes i think the rural india in a strength for our country.

  12. chitranshi dhaneshwar says:

    Yes without rural area India can not become developed country.

  13. lubna khan says:

    yaa definitely India is great country and I believe that rural India is a true INDIA.

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