English Sample Papers for Class 10 ICSE

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I.C.S.E. is also known as Indian Council of Secondary Education which is one of the most famous private boards imparting quality education to their students. English is very common and easy subject to prepare for the exam point of view. It’s a lengthy type of paper as it contains long passages and literature sections whose questions are to be answered in a long format to get excellent marks. So, it needs a little attention while preparing these topics for the Board Exams. The aim of setting this English Sample Papers for Class 10 ICSE is to give the idea of type of question asked in the exam according to the pattern.

Here we are with some uncommon questions for ICSE Board Exam that may help you to prepare well.These specimen english sample papers for class 10 ICSE 2013 ares for all the students who are appearing for ISC 2013. Some help has been taken from previous year sample papers and textbook for your convenience.

English Sample Papers for Class 10 ICSE

General Instructions
1) This paper is of 100 marks
2) Answer one question from Section A and four questions from Section B.
3) Choose either Shakespeare’s Macbeth OR Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion.
4) Marks are allotted to each question separately.
5) You are required to select questions on one play only.



Choose any two of the given three passages and answer the questions in brief.

a) Macbeth: Your spirits shine through you. Within this hour at most

English Sample Papers for Class 10 ICSE

English Sample Papers for Class 10

I will advise you where to plant yourselves;
Acquaint you with the perfect spy o’ the time.
The moment on’t; for must be done to-night,
And something from the palace; always thought
That I require a clearness: and with him–
To leave no rubs nor botches in the work–
Clearance his son, that keeps him company,
Whose absence is no less material to me
Than is his father’s, must embrace the fate
Of that dark hour. Resolve yourselves apart:
I’ll come to you anon.

i) Whose spirits are referred in here as “Young spirits”?How does Macbeth see that the spirits of the persons concerned shining? [2 marks]
ii) What does Macbeth mean by “with the perfect spy o’ the time”?     [2 marks]
iii) What are these persons supposed to execute?Why does Macbeth want them to execute their task “to-night” and “from the palace”?     [2 marks]
iv) Explain: Fleance his son, that keeps him company, Whose absence is no less material to me. Than is his father’s,must embrace the fate Of that dark hour.     [2 marks]
v) State how moral deterioration in Macbeth can be marked in this scene.      [2 marks]

b) Macbeth : Both of you know: Banquo was your enemy
Murderers : True my lord.
Macbeth : So is he mine, and in such bloody distance
That every minute of his being thrusts
Against my near’st of life;and though i could
With barefac’d power sweep him from my sight
And bid my will avouch it,yet I must not,
For certain friends that are both his and mine
whose loves I may not drop, but wail his fall
Who I myself struck down.

i) Why has Macbeth summoned the two murderers? How does he ensure that he can meet the murderers alone? [2 marks]
ii) What had Macbeth said to the murderers at their previous meeting? [2 marks]
iii) Explain the lines: “but wail his fall,who I myself stuck down”. [2 marks]
iv) Why can’t Macbeth murder Banquo himself? [2 marks]
v) Give the meanings of the following words in the context of the passage:
Barefac’d ; avouch. [2 marks]

c) Lady Macduff : What had he done, to make him fly the land?
Ross : You must have patience madam
He had none
Lady Macduff: His fight was madness. When our actions do not.Our fears do make us traitors.
Ross: You know not, Whether it was his wisdom or his fear
Lady Macduff: Wisdom? To leave his wife, to leave his babes his mansion, and his titles in a place From whence himself does fly? He loves us not.He wants the natural touch……..

i) Where has Macduff gone? What does he hope to achieve?      [2 marks]
ii) Why is Lady Macduff upset with her husband?      [2 marks]
iii) Explain the line: “He wants the natural touch”    [2 marks]
iv) Which reasons does Ross give for Macduff behaviour?    [2 marks]
v) give the meanings of the following words in the context of the passage: babes; whence [2 marks]

Pygmalion – George Bernard Shaw

Question 2
a) The Note taker : You see this creature with her kerbstone English: the English that will keep her in the gutter t of her days. Well sir, in three months I could pass that girl off as a duche at an ambassador’s garden party. I could even get her a place as lady’s maid or shop assistant,which requires better English.
The Flower Girl : What’s that you say?
The Note taker : Yes, you squashed cabbage leaf, you disgrace to the noble architecture of these columns, you incarnate insult to the English language: I could pass you off as the Queen of Sheba.

i) Where does this conversation take place? How had the Note Taker and the Flower Girl met?   [2 marks]
ii) Whom had the Flower Girl mistaken the Note Taker to be? Which right of hers did she defend?  [2 marks]
iii) How had the Note Taker gained the confidence of the people assembled at this spot?    [2 marks]
iv) In what way is the Flower Girl’s speech an “incarnate insult to the English language”?       [2 marks]
v) What does the Flower Girl’s reaction ‘What’s that you say’ indicate?    [2 marks]

b) Higgins (revolted): Do you mean to say that you would sell your daughter for euro 50?
Doolittle : Not in a general way I wouldn’t; but to oblige a gentleman like you I’d do a good deal, I do assure you.
Pickering :Have you no morals,man?
Doolittle(unabashed) :Cant’t afford them, Governor. Neither could you if you was as poor as me. Not that i mean any harm, you know. But if Liza is going to have a bit out of this, why not me too?
Higgins(troubled) : I don’t know what to do, Pickering. There can be no question that as a matter of morals it’s a positive crime to give this chap a farthing. And yet I feel a sort of rough justice in his claim.

i) Where are Doolittle,Higgins and Pickering? What reason does Doolittle give for being here?[2 marks]
ii) What is his real reason for coming here?     [2 marks]
iii) how did Doolittle learn about Liza’s presence here?      [2 marks]
iv) How does Higgins treat Doolittle at first? Why does he do so?    [2 marks]
v) Which ability of Doolittle impresses Higgins?     [2 marks]

c) Higgins(in despairing wrath outside) : What the devil have I done with my slippers?(He appears at the door).
Liza(snatching up the slippers, and hurling them at him one after the other with all her force): There are your slippers. And there. Take your slippers; and may you never have a day’s luck with them!
Higgins (astounded) What on earth- (He comes to her). What’s the matter? Get up(He pulls her up). Anything wrong?
Liza (breathless) Nothing wrong – with you. I’ve won your bet for you, Havant I? That’s enough for you. I don’t matter I suppose.

i) Where are Higgins and Liza? Describe Liza’s state of mind.     [2 marks]
ii) What had Higgings told Liza to do before he left the room?     [2 marks]
iii) Why, in your opinion does Liza throw the slippers at Higgins?     [2 marks]
iv) Which ‘bet’ does Liza mention?    [2 marks]
v) What is Higgin’s reaction to Liza’s comment?     [2 marks]

Section B
(Answer four questions on at least three textbooks which may include Either Macbeth Or Pygmalion.)

Macbeth – Shakespeare

Question 3
‘Lady Macbeth is considered to be the fourth Witch and responsible for bringing about the downfall of Macbeth’- Discuss [20 marks]

Question 4
Give a vivid account of the Banquet Scene. Why is this scene the turning point of Macbeth’s fortunes?   [20 marks]


Question 5
Higgins teaches Liza how to become a lady but Pickering treats her as a lady. With close reference to the play,show how far is this a true description of their behaviour.  [20 marks]

Question 6
At the end of the short story ‘Growing Up’, Robert Quick, the father of Jenny and Kate, realizes that his daughters are growing up and so is he. Describe the events that lead to this realization.   [20 marks]

HUES – An Anthology of Short Stories 

Question 7( Pygmalion)
‘The Night Train at Deoli’ by Ruskin Bond shows that the protagonist is marked by unreasoning fondness for the girl he met at the station and he does not want to imperil his dreams by venturing into the unknown village to trace out the girl, lest he should be hurt with the reality.- Discuss      [20 marks]

Question 8 (Macbeth – Shakespeare)
Discuss the ending of the story “The Castaway”. [20 marks]


Question 9 (Pygmalion)
‘Frost at Midnight’ by Coleridge is indeed a journey in the poet’s reflective, pensive and nostalgic mind as he sits deep into the night- Discuss      [10 marks]

Question 10 (Macbeth – Shakespeare)
Trace the different stages in the growth of Wordsworth’s attitude to nature in “Tintern Abbey”.   [10 marks]

NOTE: To get pdf of above sample paper,follow: English Sample Papers for Class 10 ICSE
To get pdf of more English sample paper,follow: ICSE Sample Question Papers for Class 10

Note: This is a sample paper for all ISC 2013 appearing students who may enhance their preparation by solving this. Please suggest if some thing is to add.
All the Best….!!

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