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Know about different types of Hacking

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About hacking:

Hacking is a procedure of trying to or gaining access to a persons or organizations personal or confidential data archives or getting access to the mainframe of any organization. This hacking to the organization is done mainly with malicious intention. Hacking is done to get past the security protecting the computers or devices hardware or mainframe. If successful the hacker gets full access and administrator rights to the remote computer and hence access to all the data and confidential information. This leak of information could lead to the total downfall of a company. Thus, organizations hire hackers to check for security faults in the present security system.

Here are the different types of hacking:

White hat hacking:

white hat

white hat

A white hat hacker can be referred to a person who breaks in to the security system but with non-malicious reasons, this is done mainly for testing their own security. The term white hat refers to the notion of an Ethical hacker. This white hat classification is also for those people who perform the tests like: vulnerability assessments and also penetration tests, this is done in a contractual agreement. The courseware, certifications, classes and the different online training have been developed by the EC-council, this is also known as the International council for Electronic Commerce Consultants. The white hat hackers find very good paying jobs if they have the certification from the EC-council. One of the different types of hacking.





Grey hat Hacking:      

grey hat

grey hat


A grey hat professional can be thought of as an individual who works in a variety of IT related areas. In the hacking world this refers to an individual who is skilled in the hacking practices and whose activities related to hacking fall somewhere between the white hat and black hat hacking norms. This refers that sometimes these people act illegally but in good faith to understand the vulnerabilities. These hackers do not go for hacking to satisfy their personal need but can be ready to break laws related to hacking when it could lead to achieving a better security. One of the different types of hacking.



Black hat hacking:

black hat

black hat

This is a hacker that violates the computer security norms for achieving some personal gain. Black hat hackers are considered to be stereotypical, and illegal hacking groups often portrayed in the popular culture, and these are the epitome of everything that the general public fears in this computer world. The black hat hackers break into different security systems to destroy and tamper the important data and information. One of the different types of hacking.

This is the reason the black hat hacking has been discontinued and has been declared illegal. But still there are some people who practice it for their own personal benefit.

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