Know what to do for improving network and information security

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Network security:

The network security of a network comprises of the ground rules and policies adopted by the network administrator so that the unauthorized access could be prevented and monitored. This is done to stop the misuse, modification and to deny the access to computer network or network usable resources. This concept of network security also includes the authorization of data usage by the users by the administrators. The users in the network are given some kind of ID or password to uniquely identify them and to allow them use the resources of the network under the supervision of the administrator. Network security is now an integral part of our day to day system. They are usedĀ  everyday in many applications. Such as, transactions, surfing, chatting, etc.

Information Security:

information security

information security

The concept of Information security is to protect ones personal data from intruders. To privatize data and stop it being accessed by unwanted people. Information security is also known as infosec in short. The information technology is a rule or protocol that is used in the networks to stop disruption, modification, inspection, reduction and destruction. The end result every person wants is to keep their data safe. Thus, to achieve this there are some ground rules to follow. There are some principles to follow.

The principles for information security are:

1. Integrity:

Maintaining the consistency and the accuracy of data through its whole life cycle. This process ensures that the data is not modified in an unauthorized manner or undetected manner.

2. Availability:

An information is only useful for a person if that is available at the time of his need or its availability is good. This could only be established is the computer systems storing the information, the information security protocols, and the channel through which it would travel are functioning properly.

3. Authenticity:

When we think of e-business it is of paramount importance that data provided by the user is correct and genuine. One more important thing to validate is the identity of both parties involved. That is they are exactly who they actually claim to be or some imposter on the net. To ensure thus some information security systems have provisions like digital signatures and other ways to ensure and provide authentication.

4. Non-repudiation:

In the book of law, non-repudiation means that both parties in a contract cannot deny their involvement in it. It could be also thought as that two parties involved in a transaction cannot deny their participation. i.e. the person receiving cannot deny his receiving that sum of money and the person sending cannot refuse his sending that sum.

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