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LAND ACQUISITION BILL BY NDA                                                           
INDIAN DEMOCRACY rather a CONSTITUTIONAL republic governed under the world’s largest written constitution.. IT is defined as the ‘SOVEREIGN’…completey persuing the principle of an independent nation..IT implies social & economic equality for all Indian citizens.
This what stands as well making a difference among its own..!But do you know one thing ? How the aam admi is pissing off in between the battle of democracy.Democracy is for human being.. for their social ,physiological well being & for their welfare man has made it..!

In one of the most thrilling political dramas so far in the history of Indian democracy,this LAND ACQUISITION BILL took an EYE OFF…! Today the Indian government which has been ruled under the MODI’S decision is making every possible effort for thr upliftment of society, National development & so on…through MANN KI BAAT..! The party is bringing out the best…Despite the one act to be discussed here..Till now farmers are allowed to take decision for their own land..Landlord! This gives an assurance & safety to the poor people that they are in safe hands..They get motivated & are cherished to work wholeheartedly… I know.., in such a big & vast modernization… their smile, their contentment..their self respect hardly matters..!
For that matter its true that..even the infertile & waste land is of no use.It [the existing law]might acts as a ‘Hinderance’ in the path of development as it does not give permission to acquire land for key infrastructure projects like ‘Gram sevak yogana,Irrigation yogana,Rural Electrification,Housing as well Airports & seaports.
Congress leader Sonia Gandhi being hitted as ‘Misleading’the country by Nitin Gadkari , alleging that UPA government’s policies has resulted in unemployment & farmers suicide when she accused NDA of ‘Bending backward to favour select Indrustrialists.’ Gadkari,who is the key government point person on the Controversial bill said that not a single acre of land uptil now has been used for irrigation & social infrastructure. Instead it remains infertile as the farmers all time keep an eye on rains to come. Again a tie..,suggestions are accepted if they are beneficial to all..!We cant let go without discussing it..without having a thought over it..!Rather, the opposition should give up its adamant attitude.It will be anytime appreciable.
What this whole scenario tells us…is that there is a solution.Though every coin has two sides.Rules & disputes apart.., the farmers are not that much educated & business minded..Yeah ..True.. they are the backbone of our society but the nation rulers are the building blocks then..In short ,they cant take strong decision about social welfare as far as narrow minded.But even this politicians cant mislead them..
There should be a law that if a farmer having 5 acre land or less should not be amend for this law,irrespective of its fertility.Because this is the only bread & butter source for the poor farmer.
One having more than 5 acre should amend the law even when the rulers can’t force the Landlord.If infertile land… & really if it would make a lot of difference in building infrastructure …Then one can have a positive thought.. AND if so..the farmers should be repaid profitably.
Today’s scenario about the farmer’s economy,need to be improved,to think over and to act upon!This act shouldn’t promote the suicidal rate of farmers. This should be properly amended keeping in mind the economical strategies,family background & overall status of the land holder.
Civilization has bounded our minds too far than humanism.But this shouldn’t falloff hampering the life cycle.It shouldn’t end with an agony!!It should be come up with flying colors.Disputes ,clashes will be there..but apart from that it should be ruled out in a manner affordable ,appreciable and admirable for all.
At the end,I want to uttered-‘The planter,the farmer,the mechanic and the labourer form thr great body of the nation…they are the bone and sinew of the country men who love liberty and desire nothing..,but equal rights and equal laws.
On the other hand, civilization is the progress towards a society of privacy.The process of setting man free from men..!
For that reason..,it should be admired rather than to piss away with!!
-priya gawande
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