Last minute reckoner for IIT JEE Mains 2015 by MKT-JICS

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IIT JEE Main 2015 is scheduled for April 4, 2015 (offline exam) and April 10 & 11, 2015 (online exam). Last two weeks are for aspirant to give finishing touches to their preparation. Mr. M. K. Tiwari, Executive Director of MKT-JICS shares last minute reckoner for the exam.

JICS is pioneer in Diagnostic teaching for IIT JEE entrance exams and is one of top engineering coaching of Lucknow for IIT JEE. Students’ assignments and tests are continuously analyzed by experts in backend team and teachers are given immediate feedback on student understanding.

MKT-JICS is a tie up between Shraddha Classes and Japanese Educational Company- JIEM. The JV brings latest diagnostic teaching from Japan to India to facilitate One-on-One training for IIT JEE.  With MKT-JICS’ diagnostic teaching, current training scenario of One-to-hundred will change to 1-2-1.

 Here are a few tips by Mr. Tiwari for IIT JEE Mains which will help you ace the exam.

First, know your exam paper pattern.

Exam will have two papers, Paper 1 (B.E./ B.Tech) and Paper 2 (B.Arch/ B.Planning). You can write Paper 1 or Paper 2 or both as per your target courses.

Exam paper will be of three hours. Both the papers i.e. 1 & 2 will have three sections – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for Paper 1 while PCM, Drawing and Aptitude Test for Paper 2.

Exam will have a total of 96 questions with maximum marks of 360. Each correct answer will fetch 4 marks while every wrong answer will draw a negative mark of 1.

Important topics:

 Chemistry – Inorganic and physical

Physics – Kinematics, dynamics, electricity and magnetism

Mathematics – Calculus, determinants, permutation & combination, vector and 3D

Please note that this in no way gives you the leeway to leave other topics. You are advised to give a little more time to these topics.

Helpful tips:

Study all topics – Do not leave any topic as all are important and at the same time do not study outside the JEE prescribed syllabus. If you have time, hone the topics you are good at. Read NCERT books

Practice mock tests – Practice old question papers/ mock test as much as you can. Infact, for next few days only practice full tests. This will improve your time management and firm concepts. Also, many a time, similar types of questions are asked and this practice will help you a lot.

Stay calm & relax – Do not focus only on studies, give yourself a relax and fun time every day. Play, listen to music, meet friends, etc. Take proper diet and sleep well. Give yourself a break of at least 24 hours before the exam.

On the day of the exam

Stay composed – Do not get distressed at the sight of large number of students appearing for the exam. Control your emotions while going through the question paper; do not get depressed at difficult question or over excited at easy one. Maintaining balance of emotions is very important for focus.

Be attentive – Read all the instructions given in the beginning of the paper carefully.

Be Prudent – Select questions very carefully. Give priority to the questions that are on the topics that are your strength and are less time consuming. First target answering at least 40 correct questions in each section as that is minimum to take you to next level. If you have time left then go for remaining.

Remember there is no place for fluke as you stand the danger of losing a mark at each in-correct answer.

 Time management – Carefully select questions and abstain from spending too much time on one question. Always keep time for revision.

Remember, last minute preparation can sometimes do wonders, so don’t be complacent. Buckle up and give your best.

Best of Luck.


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