Latest General Knowledge Question for IBPS SSC RRB 2015

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Below are set of Latest General Knowledge Question   which can be  asked in exams like IBPS PO , IBPS SO , SSC , LIC AAO etc 

Latest General Knowledge Question for IBPS SSC RRB 2015

Q.1.which of the following countries has set up the world’s largest cancer registry system in a bid to fight the cancer disease with more-targeted and evidence based intervention programs?

(a) China  (b)USA  (c)India  (d)United Kingdoms

Q 2.  Sania Mirza and Leander Paes won the women’s doubles and mixed doubles  title of the wimbledon 2015 respectively partnering  with the same player , Who is the player?

(a) Maria Sharapova  (b)Cara Black  (c)Martina Hingis  (d)Justin Hueber

Q 3. Who won the men’s singles title of wimbledon 2015 defeating Rofger  Fedrer in the final?

(a) Novak Djokovic(Serbia)  (b)Rafael Nadal(Spain)  (c)Andy Murray(Britain)  (d)Stanislas Wavrinka(Switzerland)

Q 4. The women’s single title of wimbledon 2015 has been won by Serena Williams of the U.S whom did she defeat in the final ?

(a)Petra Kvitova(Czech Republic)  (b)Simona Halep(Roumaniya)  (c)Maria Sharapova(Russia) (d)Garbine Muguruza(Spain)

Q 5. Which of the country has been accorded the Major Non-NATO Ally  status by the USA on July 11, 2015 thus become the 16th country of the world to enjoy the status?

(a) Tunisia  (b)Jordan  (c)Japan   (d)Morocco

Q 6. National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) has chosen for Astronauts to fly its first commercial space vehicle These are Robert Behnken , Eric Boe, Doglas Hurley and      ____________.?

(a) Paul Nestor  (b)William F . King   (c)Sunita Williams   (d)Kevin Grigham

Q 7 . Which of the following indigenously developed supersonic surface-to-air missile has been inducted in the Indian air force on 10 July 2015

(a) Dhanush   (b)Astra   (c)Brahmos   (d)Akash

Q 8.  The Author of the recently released book titled ‘China Confucius in the shadows ‘  is:

(a) Heena Dubey   (b)Poonam Suri   (c)Anand Sinha   (d)Pankaj Kumar

Q 9. Name the Indian winner of the Whitley Award 2015 awarded for his work to protect the iconic Great Indian Bustard in in the Thar Desert.

(a) Dr. Yash Kapoor    (b)Dr. Pramod Patil    (c)Dr. Ananda Kumar   (d)Dr. Rishi khanna

Q 10. Which of the following countries has won the world the women’s Team Chess Championship 2015 held in China in May 2015?

(a) Georgia     (b)Spain     (c)China   (d)Turkey

Q 11. The recently concluded -Indo French -joint Naval exercise was named:

(a)Varuna     (b)Yuddhabhyas     (c)Garun   (d)Navikyuddha

Q 12. World largest photo-voltaic power plant with a capacity of 750 MW is proposed to be built in which of the following State?

(a)Madhya Pradesh    (b)Gujrat      (c)Rajasthan   (d)Maharashtra

Q 13. Which of thye following journalist has been honored with UNESCO-Guillermo Cano World press freedom Prize-2015

(a)Mozelli Krambel    (b)Mazen Darwish (c) Matteo Romi (d) Larry Piquet

Q 14. World Asthma day is observed every year on?

(a)May1  (b)May5  (c) May12 (d) May23

Q 15. Who of the following is the oscar winning writer Best known for the much acclaimed ‘Dances of Wolves’ Who died in May 2015?

(a)Michael Blake   (b)Rohn Murie  (c) Roni Samhill (d) Sherryl Winds

Q 16. India and Iran recently signed an MOU for the development of which of the following ports of Iran ?

(a)Port Sohar   (b)Port Chabahar   (c)Port Hajira   (d) Port Gwadar

Q 17. India recently test-fired indigenously developed missile ‘Akash ‘ having a range of 25 Kms ‘Akash ‘ is a/an________

(a) Surface-sea missile (b) Air-air missile (c) surface -air missile (d) air-surface missile

Q 18. What rank has India Got in the recently released , ‘global travel and tourism index 2015 ‘?

(a) 52nd (b) 68th (c) 94th (d)110th

Q 19. which of the following district of west Bengal has bagged the UN public Service award 2015 , becoming the first district of the country to be free from the practice of ‘defecation in open’?

(a) Nadia (b) Darjeeling (c) Howrah (d)Chennai

Q 20. Who of the following is the first ever RAW officer to be appointed to the UPSC ?

(a)Arvind Saxena (b)Arun Mishra (c) Arvind Mahajan (d) Vimal Kumar

Q. 21. Book titled  ‘Unbelievable ‘ Delhi to Islamabad is written by- 

(a)Porf Bhim Singh (b)Sheila Dixit(c) Amitabh Bhattacharyan (d) Kumar Vays

Q. 22 . Name of the latest naval Establishment of Indian Navy that was commissioned at Porbandar, Gujrat.

(a)INS Vivekanand  (b)INS Sarthak(c) INS Sardar patel (d) Ins Humla

Q. 23. Who of the following has became the youngest lawmaker of Britain at the age of 20?

(a) Mhairi Black (b)   keith Vaz (c) Linda Murray  (d) renji Root

Q .24. which of the formula -1 driver  has clinched the title at Spanish Grand Prix-2015

(a) hamilton Murray (b) sebastin Vettel(c) Andy Smith  (d) Nico Rosberg

Q.25 Which of the following banks hasw emerged as the only Indian Company to find a place among the world’s ten biggest consumer financial services firms after giants like American Express , Visa and Mastercard?

(a) State Bank of India  (b) ICICI Bank (c) HDFC Bank (d)IDBI Bank

Q26. Who has been appointed as the new chairmnan of the National Safety Council(NSC)?

(a)Anuj Som (b) Anshul Jain (c) K. Satish Reddy (d)Rakesh Ranjan

Q27. Name the novel for which Bengali writer Neel Mukherjee has won United Kingdom’s Encore Award for the Best Second Novel by any author?

(a)The Left-out Messiah (b)The Lives of Others (c)Red Sari (d)Half Girlfriend

Q28 Which of the following companies has acquired UK based Harris Performance Products Ltd. a motorcycle design and engineering firm?

(a)Michel Motors (b)Eicher Motors (c)Royal Motors  (d) Future Motors

Q29 What rank has India been placed at, in the recently released Human Capital Index 2015?

(a) 122nd   (b)80th  (c)100th    (d)73rd

Q30 Which of the following has become the first state in the country to issue Soil Health Cards or SHC to the farmers ?

(a)Gujrat    (b)Haryana    (c)Karnataka     (d)Punjab

@ . Novan Jokovic has won  the U.S open 2015 and he defeated to Roger federer.

@ China Will make Worlds largest soler park in Pakistan. and it name will be Kayede-A- Aajam.

@ INS ” Brazkosh ” Incorporat in Indian Navi.

@Rajasthan became the first State which start AMRUT  yojna .

@ Je munjal became the first woman who appointed as a DIRECTOR GENERAL of -DRDO  ECS Cluster .

@ P.M Modi visit to UAE , UAE will invest 5 Lakh cr. in India.

@  Now there will be Direct flight from Banaras to Shrjaha .

@The prsident of Alibaba a chines Company is MR.Michal Evas.

@According to DIPP there is a decrements of 15% in FDI( Foreign Direct Investment ) in India.

@The Governor of Himanchal Pradesh is -Mr Acharya Devbrth .

@ The Governor of Bihar is -Mr  Ram Nath  Kovind.

@ Federal bank has started facility By which one can open an account through mobile Apps.

@ On occasion of 10th Hindi Conference P.M Modi has lunched Hindi Networking Site “Mushak”

@ Sundar pichai becomes new CEO of Google.

@ Ms Vassiliki Thanou has been appointed as the first Prime minister of Greece.

@ :  Worlds Energy day -October 22

@Worlds no Tobacco Day -31st May

@ Sourav Ganguly became the new  Prsident of ( CAB) cricket association of Bangal.

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