Latest operating system for mobile phones

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Latest operating system for mobile phones

Interview questions on mobile operating system for freshers

Mobile phone operating system, also referred to as mobile OS, is the, operating system that operates a smartphone,tablets,PDA. Modern mobile operating systems combine the features  with   touchscreen,  cellular, Bluetooth,WiFi, gps mobile operating system,camera, video camera, speech recolonization, voice recorder, music player, near field communication, personal digital assessment (PDA), and other features.

Mobile operating system

Latest operating system for mobile phones

Now a day everyone is having knowledge about mobile phones and their respective countries but only a handful of people are having knowledge about the operating system of mobiles. Isn’t it will be a good thing to know about the Operating system your mobile phone is running on? Don’t you want to know about the smooth functioning and colorful touchscreen of your mobile phone? Which OS is best?

according to me android is the best operating system , cause android fulfills all the criteria to be called a smart phone:

Best operating system for mobile engineering

Interview questions on mobile operating system for freshers

1 . Android:

Android is the most advanced and feature rich operating system at present. It offers every kind of feature any user would demand. Moreover, the features which Google gives are just awesome. You will not believe the out of every four smartphones, three will be powered by Android mobile operating system. And due to the strong sales, Android operating system account for 75 percent which is greater than 57.5 percent in the third quarter of last year.

Apple, the company which created a revolution in the smartphone industry is now at the second spot. Apple always preferred the quality and that’s why APPLE OS was always preferred by people. Moreover, Apple’s share was increased from 13.8 percent to 14.9 percent in the third quarter as compared to that in last year.
3. blackberry:

Blackberry is definitely liked by Youth. And therefore it maintain its position in the top 3. Last year, Research In Motion’s Blackberry operating system accounted for about 9.5 percent share in the third quarter but is now 7.7 percent in the third quarter of this year.


Best operating system for mobile Phone engineering

Interview questions on mobile operating system for freshers

4 . windows:

Windows Phone Operating System is the most modern and youthful Operating system at present. Windows Operating System have become popular due to it new look and modern style. In 3rd quarter, Windows phone accounted about 3.6 percent of smartphone market but due to launch of new Microsoft phone 8 operating system it would definitely increase its position in the smartphone market.

5. Symbian: Nokia’s favorite operating system Symbian took the fourth spot. It is now obsolete and does not interests anyone. But for small budget phones it is definitely a good deal.

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    This gives valuable information about the operating system used in mobile phones.

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    I have used this one..Its great..We are having number of training institutes imparting training about this O.S and its becoming very popular now a days..

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    This article is very good as it give general but useful information about the Operating System along with their compatibility, reliability,speed etc,,,which will help to make choice among all available OS

  4. Ronak Garg says:

    Now days due to availability of so many cells with so many OS it becomes very difficult to choose among them. This article will definitely help people in making selection. Pls provide little more info abt these OS like compatibility, performance …. etc.

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    This post proved really helpful for me as it provided complete information about the Mobile Operating System …It proved helpful not only for Interview but also for making a good choice out of different Brands available with different O.S. And Really value your money while buying any of them.I did benefit u 2 can….

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    Mobile OS information is a good general knowledge which every person want to know about the thing that has become an integrated part which cannot be separated.

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    Article is appreciating and give us valuable information about Mobile Operating System used by top Mobile brands………….

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