Latest student reviews of ICFAI business school(IBS), Hyderabad

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Latest student reviews of ICFAI business school(IBS), Hyderabad

ICFAI business school also known as IBS Hyderabad which is a very good commercial enterprise school for specialization in finance. IBS is best for networking, beneficial for studies and great in terms of placements. Here is some insight about ICFAI business school(IBS), Hyderabad from the latest student reviews


The placement of ICFAI Business school(IBS) is ok type with an average package of 6.7L per annum. For those students who look at the ROI aspect, the average is a less so donot keep high hopes. But many good companies come at ICFAI buisness school for campus placement like Deloitte, JPMorgan, Bank of America, AMUL etc. Which offers packages of around 7-8L or more. Concerning the percentage of students, more than 95% of the students get placements from here.

Faculty at ICFAI business school:

The professors at ICFAI Business school are highly knowledgeable and qualified. The student’s strength is around 1100 in a term with a sum of 11-12 sections with 80-90 students in each section. Teaching system of ICFAI is usually through the case studies which is provided by the college itself along with the PPT’s. As for the business exposure, after the 2nd sem, they have mandatory Summer Internship programme for 12 weeks. The course curriculum is useful. However, as they had 9 subjects for a semester and a semester is of 4.5 months in this campus it is exhausting as well.

here we continue Latest student reviews of ICFAI business school(IBS), Hyderabad

Infrastructure of ICFAI business school:

IBS Campus has a very good infrastructure. All the areas in the campus that are (99acres ) about 80acres of the area has the Wi-Fi facility. There are 2mess and 3canteen facilities. There is a playground stadium for all the sports. The food quality of ICFAI Business school is at a reasonable price. They have 2 mess there with the Food quality very good. Hostel at ICFAI Business school are of single occupancy so you can have all privacy needed. I found its library as the best part there for the book readers. In the ICFAI business school t more than 1lakh books there. The classrooms are spacious and centralized as with projectors and desktops. For sports, ICFAI have a tennis court, a ground, swimming pool, a gym in the girl’s hostel as well as one common gym. There is also a clinic for people facing health issues.

Events at ICFAI Business School

Many events are celebrated in this college and students get a nice and friendly environment here. They get chance to learn new things that play important role in their overall personality development.

Course Review

The course curriculum is very decent and they offer various options to the students.

Exam structure:

Exam structure is not as hectic as in other business colleges. They manage assignments, end and mid terms, quizzes, case studies with a fixed interval.


IBS Hyderabad is also known for its various clubs (27-28 clubs in total) and its activities. All the events are organized by these clubs. These clubs give a chance to interact with more number of people and help to learn things which are beyond the curriculum. If you want to build up network IBS is the best place.

Students can enjoy campus life that is pretty happening here. Students from all across the country come and enjoy each other’s company. Apart from it, extra curriculum activities offer an opportunity to make the bond stronger with each other. Hostel facilities are awesome.

ICFAI Business school in hyderabad is a reputed college and many students have the dream to complete their studies from this college.

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