Learn to hack following these few steps

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Hacking was used in the earlier days to learn information about the systems and IT generally. Thus, was not that big a problem. But in the recent times after the display of hacking in so many movies as a process to fetch confidential information it has became a big problem to the society. Thus, the concept of Ethical Hackers come into being. An Ethical hacker is a person who deliberately hacks into a system or mainframe to check the durability of the system and to find out the bugs in it. Now the Ethical hacker is a person who knows his limits and thus due to the build of this trust they earn a huge salary.

So, learning hacking is a totally different thing. It needs a very strong logic deduction capability and also the power of understanding different possibilities.


Here are some steps that will sure help you to learn to hack:

Part one of learn to hacking:

1. One needs to learn programming languages properly. Don’t limit your self to any one language but then you should learn C, Python, Ruby and PHP as well. You need to follow this if you wan to learn to hack.

2. One needs to do proper research in advance before he tries to or goes for hacking. The thing is that the more one knows in advance the less surprises they get.

Part two of Hacking:



1.  Use of *nix terminals for commands: The Cygwim software helps in creating  the environment for windows. Nmap can be used in Linux. learn to hack using these steps.

2. Securing one’s machine: This is an important thing to do. Make sure that you have safety. Look for a server that is hosting anything illegal and then try to hack it and make it yours.

3. Testing of your target: This is another important step. You need to see whether you can reach the remote computer.

4. Find out the operating system of the machine: Use of the Nmap tool for this purpose is beneficial as it can easily gather the required information for you.

5. Finding an open path or port to the system: The FTP and HTTP ports are often well protected and hardened. Other ports can be used for entering which can be brute forced.

6. Cracking the password: Cracking password is the hardest part. It needs lot of information and skill. As people nowadays are discouraged to use weak passwords. Thus, they cannot be always brute forced. Thus we need to find alternative ways. The use of rainbow tablets are the fastest way to crack passwords.

But Even then finding an alternate way to enter is preferable. One can easily learn to hack with a little bit of determination and hard-work.

7. Getting super user privileges: One needs proper privileges to fully interact with the system so getting administrator privileges is of paramount importance. Get to learn to hack.

8. Create a back door and cover your tracks: Once you have hacked a system you may want to visit again. So creating a back door is intelligent thing to do. And again you dont want to get caught so one needs to cover his tracks. Good things to do are that you dont need to add any additional users. Also dont change any passwords.

These are the basic steps for hacking. But to really learn to hack you must read and be efficient in programming languages.

For more information please download pdf by clicking here: Learn to hack following these few steps



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