Learn hacking with online ethical hacking courses

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Introduction to hacking:

Hacking is a concept of penetrating someones personal place or getting access to the mainframe. This is an activity that was in the earlier days done to learn about the network and IT. But now a days is being used in malicious activities. Thus, hacking is being criticized a lot. Then again companies need to protect their interests properly from the hand of intruders. So, they strengthen their back bone by using Ethical hackers in their organizations for finding out the flaws in the system.

An Ethical hacker can be defined as a person who penetrates the mainframe of a company and hacks it or rather tests it. This the Ethical hacker does to mainly check the system for any flaws or loop holes that could create an opportunity for other hackers who have malicious purposes and will do harm to the companies interests. Thus, an Ethical hacker is a trusted person in the organization as he knows his limits. Thus, this trust factor fetches them very high salaries.

Thus, one can understand that learning Ethical hacking can fetch you a decent job in the industry.

For that purpose, we are providing you information about some of the best Ethical hacking courses online. As, today in this rush very few people will have the time go out for classroom coaching.

1. Hacking Teacher

2. Infosec Institute

3. Udemy.com

4. ISOEH- Indian School of Ethical Hacking.


Hacking Teacher:

Hacking Teacher

Hacking Teacher

The above institute an Educational venture if the HT technologies. This is a leading organization in information security and cyber forensic services. They have a mission of enhancing the chances and improve the future of students by providing them knowledge about cutting edge technology and high-tech education.

The company is a well known IT security company and has branches in over 7 countries. The institute provides online ethical hacking courses.

Here is the contact information of the company:

Hacking Teacher Knowledge Solutions

SCO 61, Second Floor, Urban Estate Phase 3, Patiala, India

phone: – 7508-707-707

Email: info@HackingTeacher.com

Infosec Institute:

infosec Institute

infosec Institute

The Infosec Institute has teachers that are expects in the field they work. They believe that their teachers have that rare blend of excellent teaching capability and an established industrial experience. Their focus in on job related training and things that will help people in their day to day work. The institute provides online ethical hacking courses.

Here is the contact information to Infosec Institute:

They have offices at Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, etc.

You can contact them on phone: (866)-471-0059

Visit their website : www.infosecinstitute.com



udemy logo

udemy logo

Their mission is quite simple- They want to help anyone learn anything online. Saying this Udemy is like the online marketplace for studies on IT. The company has over 3 million+ students and some great faculties that will ensure that you get the concepts. The institute provides online ethical hacking courses.

Here is the contact information to udemy:

They are situated in: 360 3rd St. Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94107

You can visit their website for course details: www.udemy.com

ISOEH- Indian school of Ethical Hacking:

Indian school of ethical hacking

Indian school of ethical hacking

The institute is a joint venture of Netsoft technologies and isolutions software systems pvt. ltd. Has a past experience of 8 years in the IT security services market and has some expert faculties that are well trained. The institute provides online ethical hacking courses.

Here is the contact information to ISOEH:

ISOEH Jadavpur Branch

Address: D/24, Katju Nagar, 1st Floor,Kolkata 700032, Beside South City Shopping Mall

Phone: +91 9830310550, +91 9434243285

Email: info@isoeh.com

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