Let us See What is SSL and How it Protects Our Data on Web?

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What is SSL?

About SSL

About SSL

SSL- Secure sockets layer is known to be the standard security technology that helps in creating a link between the Server and the client. This typically means a web server (for example- A website) and an mail browser or normal browser. It could also be a mail client like MS outlook.

The Main importance of SSL comes in the domain of security regarding transfer of information. SSL transfers the information like credit card numbers, pin codes, passwords etc. with great security from one place to another. This security is needed because of the fact that data sent between the web servers and clients are sent in plain text and thus there always remains a risk of eavesdropping on your personal information. This happens in a process in which if someone or any intruder can intercept the data traveling between a web browser and a web server, they can easily use the data for their own personal benefit or the way they see it fit.

Now, What is SSL specifically?

SSL Secure

SSL Secure


SSL or Secure sockets Layer can be defined as a security protocol. Now, what do protocols do? Protocols describe how an algorithm is to be used. Like in this case the SSL describes the variables for the encryption of both the data to be transmitted and the link through which it has to be transmitted.

Doing this function SSL secures millions of users data on the internet daily. This function is more pronounced when under going any transaction or transmitting any data that is confidential. The people now a days have come to associate their internet security with the small lock that appears in the address bar or the green address bar which appear when the site you are on is secured by SSL. You can also locate a SSL secure site by seeing if it starts with https rather than http as on normal sites.


What is SSL certificate and how does it work?

The SSL certificate is a digital key that comes in pairs: a private key and a personal key. Both of these keys are important as both of these keys work together to keep a website secure and safe from the hands of intruders. Both these keys acting together form what is called an encrypted connection. The SSL certificate also contains a part called the subject. This subject part contains information about the identity of the certificate or the websites owner.

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