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Life Before and after class 10th Board exam

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Days are not far for Board exams to start and from first week of March class 10th board exam will start for all boards like BIHAR Board , UP Board , CBSE Board. Students in different part of country from New Delhi to Kanya Kumari and from Gujrat to Nagaland in east and west , all have started making them selves ready to for next leap in career. Many students would have already decided their career path and would have been preparing for IIT JEE exams as is trend in Patna where students start IIT JEE coaching from class 7th or 8th on wards and few coaching centers start training students for IIT JEE exam from class 6th only same is case in Lucknow and Allahabad where Engineering education is religion and every parent have dream to make their child an engineer from IIT JEE . Many engineering coaching have sprouted in city of Nawabs

Lucknow since ages and in Allahabad after Ganga and Sangam , if any thing is worshiped then its IIT JEE coaching centers and UPSC

Engineering exam study material

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Students like it or not they have to take science for aspiration of parents else they are considered as a week student. More than 10 million students across India will appear for 10th Board exam during the period and all of them would be preparing with different sample papers as of now. once exams will be over , few students will take rest and wait for results to come out while most of the students will be busy with IIT JEE exam preparation and thus will not get enough time to enjoy during the period and will have to feel burn of pressure of IIT JEE engineering pHysics , IIT JEE engineering coaching chem and IIT JEE Maths , few students who would opt for Maths and Biology both will have hell life for coming two years as they would be looking for medical also as their career growth option and engineering also and this will leave them in lurch.

During this period I would suggest all guardian not to take any decision in haste and leave child on his choice and methodology of preparation. Do not force a child to choose his or her subject else you will spoil their career . Although Parents feel that path which they are showing to their child is correct but fact is that “its not correct , if child is not interested ” ¬†Please do not force your dreams to your child and let him or her fly.

Many students from ICSE boards also make a shift towards CBSE for better preparation of IIT JEE , which according to many is right and many feel that its just way of thinking. 10th board exams is a game changer in life of a student after 10th board exam a child becomes grown up quickly and this change needs proper guidance by parents without any pressure and haste. Many will make their way towards bigger cities like Noida and Delhi in search of top schools and top coaching for their future preparations of different exams like IIT JEE and other engineering exams , many will opt for courses of CA that is charter accountant and will make their way towards Laxmi Nagar East Delhi for best CA teachers and best CA coachings

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