Limitation on Freedom of Artists

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There should be freedom on the imagination of artists but limitation on their execution. Artists should not make art out of bothering people, hurting their sentiments, stirring up nuisance. I believe freedom of expression is only valid when you are not hurting anybody feelings.

Freedom of artists creating  Religion controversies like Danish Cartoon Controversy, Author Salman Rushdie’s controversy after the publication of his novel The Satanic Verses and Painter MF Hussain controversy, all are damaging the human emotions, culture and putting bad examples of artistic freedom. It is insanity, not art to paint toilet seats with pictures of deity, whiskey bottles in the hands of Goddess Durga, nude pictures of deities, deities on shoes, etc. Such acts should be looked upon as a cognizable offence punishable by law. Such artists are only seeking cheap publicity and morally corrupted.

”Self censorship” should be on artists. Self censorship is a control of what you say or do in order to avoid annoying or offending others, a sudden increase in the number of legal cases being filed against artists, actors and writers for “offending” people has caused great concern in India’s art community.

The real problem is that the Indian Government hasn’t done its job in raising the standard of living and education for all Indians. While the middle-class artists long for artistic freedoms and Western-styled excess, the majority is mired in poverty and ignorance and “freedom” seems to bring out only their worst characteristics.

Raising the standard of living and making the entire population literate and aware of what a democracy is the only true solution. When artistic freedom is not balanced with an awareness of artistic responsibility which entails social, economic, cultural, and religious contextual sensitivity, one paves the way for licentiousness and artistic perversion masquerading as artistic freedom.There should be limitation on freedom of artists.


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