List of accreditation organizations in India

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List of accreditation organizations in India

This list consists of detailed information of all the statutory accreditation organizations in India. The list consists of those organizations that provide accreditation to institutions for higher education in India. All the institutes including colleges and universities must be authorized by the government. For the purpose of authorization of various universities and institutes, these government organizations and other autonomous bodies are created.  The advantage of accreditation through  these organizations is that it helps the students to get an idea of profile and status of any institute.  Following are some organizations that are responsible for accreditation of institutes:

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accreditation agencies in India

accreditation organizations in India

 All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE)

All India Council for Technical Education is a council for imparting technical education in India. It works under Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD). It was established in November 1945 as an apex body to promote and survey technical education in India. It works to ensure quality through accreditation and formulates norms and standards. Also, it funds in priority areas, thus coordinating in management of technical education in the country. It undertakes programs of technical education including training and research in Engineering, Town Planning, Applied Arts and Crafts, Architecture, Pharmacy, Management, Hotel Management, Catering Technology etc. at various levels.

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Medical Council of India(MCI)

Established in 1934, under the Indian Medical Counselling Act 1933, Medical Council of India(MCI) aims to create uniform standards of higher qualifications of medicine and recognition of medical qualifications in India and abroad. The objectives of Medical Council of India are:

(1) To permanently register/provisionally register doctors with recognized medical qualifications.
(2) To reciprocate with foreign countries in the matters of mutual recognition of medical qualifications
(3) To recommend for recognition or de-recognition of qualifications of medical institutions in India and abroad.
(4) To maintain uniform standards of medical education in under-graduate and post-graduate subjects.

Pharmacy Council of India(PCI)

Pharmacy Council of India(PCI) regulates pharmacy education and its associated professions  in India up to graduate level. PCI is governed by Pharmacy Act, 1948, passed by the Parliament. It also inspects pharmacy institutions seeking approval under the Pharmacy Act. Adding the scrutiny, Pharmacy Council of India also checks the academic training of institutions teaching pharmacy courses. To keep its records, PCI also maintains a Central Register of Pharmacists.

Dental Council of India(DCI)

Dental Council of India is a statutory body which was established in 1949 under the Act of Parliament, The Dentist Act; to regulate the dental education, profession and ethics. It also prescribes the standard curricula for training of dentists, dental hygienists, dental mechanics and conditions of such training. Moreover, it also affiliates every dental college to an university and creates a uniform standard of entrance to various courses in dentistry.

National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC)

Its an autonomous body established by University Grants Commission(UGC) of India to accredit & assess institutions providing higher education in this country. Not only it makes Team Peer visits daily, but also helps in conducting many workshops and seminars in accredited institutions. Partnering with various State governments and professional organizations, it promotes accreditation and assessment.

Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD)

Established in 1985, it formulates the National Policy on Education and ensure its efficient implementation. In addition to improving the quality of educational institutions in the country, it focuses specially on disadvantaged groups like poor, females and minorities. MHRD also provides financial help to deserving students of the deprived sections of the society in the form of scholarships and subsidy loans. Currently, it works with UNESCO, foreign governments and universities to education in India.

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11 Responses to List of accreditation organizations in India

  1. Anonymous says:
  2. Sadashiv Borgaonkar says:

    I own a small training agency. I want my courses to be accredited by an agency which could add values to my courses. Pl guide

  3. keval shah says:

    I want to accredit my institute from any government or semi government organisation.

  4. Dhananjaya says:

    Need accreditation for Radiology technologist CT/MRI course.

  5. NDA Coaching in chandigarh says:

    This is very informative post and helpful for those who are searching for it.I away get wonderful information from your blog.I hope you will provide more information in future.Thank you for sharing.

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  6. RANJIT SINGH says:

    Whenever any candidates going to choose a college,he/she first check that
    1)To which university it is affiliated to.
    2)Whether it is registered or not
    If candidates doesn’t have a knowledge the he/she could able to decide properly.
    This article helps in acquiring knowledge about affiliation of colleges.

  7. Sonam Agarwal says:

    This article really helped to get the knowledge about the registration and regarding the affiliation of the universities.

  8. Palakpuja Panda says:

    its a really helpful article for referring to the affiliated institutes

  9. Payal Das says:

    This article helps us to get profile and status of any organization and then decide whether to take admission. These are the government organisations and trustworthy in nature.The article gives the knowledge of the working of different organisations as AICTE is concerned with imparting technical education in India.

  10. Aditya Kundan says:

    This article introduces us to the list of accreditation organisations in India. These organisations work to set standards and norms for different colleges imparting technical, medical, pharmaceutical or dental knowledge. AICTE, MCI, PCI, DCI, NAAC and MHRD are the accreditation organisations aimed to provide accreditation to institutions for higher education in India after deciding on several parameters. These help us to get profile and status of any institution and then decide whether to take admission. These are the government organisations and trustworthy.The article gives the glimpse of the working of different organisations as AICTE is concerned with imparting technical education in India, MCI with qualification of medicine and recognition of medical qualification in India, PCI with pharmacy education, DCI with dental education, profession and ethics, etc. Hence, we get to know of different accreditation systems in India .

  11. debanki mukherjee says:

    This article is really helpful for those who have questions regarding registration or affiliation of their colleges, universities.

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