List of Best Colleges of Engineering in Kerala

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Engineering: Engineering is the creative application of scientific principles used to plan, build, direct, guide, manage, or work on systems to maintain and improve our daily lives. Engineering specialties are Aerospace, Agriculture, Bio-medical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Control systems, Electrical and Electronics, Environmental, Fire Protection, Geo-technical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Mining, Nuclear, Petroleum, Sanitary and Traffic. The builder of the Step Pyramid in Egypt 2250 B.C. named ‘Imhotep’, was the first engineer in the world. Engineering is a best option for students to build their career.

Kerala top colleges

Best Colleges of Engineering in Kerela

Kerala:Kerala also known as Keralam is a state located in the South-western region of India on the Malabar coast. The Education cost is generally considered low in Kerala. Kerala has some best institutions of Engineering studies like National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC), College of Engineering Trivandrum, MES College of Engineering Kuttippuram. Kerala also has Space Science college named Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology(IIST). The culture of Kerala is composite and cosmopolitan in nature and it’s an integral part of Indian culture. Kerala Engineering colleges provide better faculties and facilities to the students.

The below given list of Top Colleges in Kerela is in terms of ranks provided according to Department of Technical Education in Kerala which plays a major role in education in Kerala.

List of Best Colleges of Engineering in Kerala:

                             College Name                                   Address
National Institute of TechnologyKettangal Koduvally Rd, Kozhikode, Calicut Kerala, India.
Tel: 0495 228 6118
Indian Institute of Space TechnologyValiamala, Thiruvananthapuram – 695547 Kerala, India.
Tel: 0471 256 8462
College of EngineeringTrivandrum, Thiruvananthapuram – 695016 Kerala, India.
Tel: 0471-2515556
MES College of Engineering Kuttippuram, Thrikkanapuram, Malappuram 
Kerala – 679573, India. 
Tel: 0494 3051234/2698081
T.K.M. College of Engineering NH 220, Karicode, Kollam Kerala – 691005, India.
Tel: 0474 271 2024
College of Engineering Andoor, Manakkala – 691551 Kerala, India.
Tel: 04734 230640/231995
College of Engineering Althara, Engineering college junction Rd, chengannur, Kerala – 689121, India.
Tel: 0479 2454125
Federal Institute of Science & TechnologyHormis Nagar, Mookkannoor, Angamaly Emakulam, Kerala – 683577, India.
Tel: 0484 261 6403
Govt. College of Engineering Mangattuparamba, Parassinikkadavu Kannur-670563, Kerala, India.
Tel: 0497 2780226
Govt. Engineering College  Ramavarmapuram, Thrissur Kerala, India.
Tel: 0487 233 4144

 Above List of Best Colleges of Engineering in Kerala has been designed to help students with survey and research conducted in june 2014 , we would suggest students to confirm with us once more by putting your comment at bottom of Page or writing us at or filling form here for updates list of top engineering colleges of Kerla

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16 Responses to List of Best Colleges of Engineering in Kerala

  1. AKSHAY says:

    Which all the best colleges in kerala that has a good placement record i will be needin top 20 for my keam

  2. Riya fathima says:

    can know the best college for enginering for mangment seat in kerala???

  3. Ajas as says:

    Best computer science engineering college in kerala with placements

  4. abin says:

    i want to know the latest list of top mechanical engineering colleges in kerala and a separate list of this in kerala self financing engineering colleges also. I request you to send me as fast as possible

  5. chandini says:


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  6. Ram Mohan says:

    For persons looking into core companies, i would certainly prefer Government Model Engineering College(MEC). The college has good industry relationships. There are many eX-MECians in top position in many core companies including Apache, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare, Intel etc.

  7. Sanjana kumari says:

    Being a student I can easily realize the importance of a good Educational Institute in building ones career. Moreover for Engineering, which is a very practical oriented Career prospect, a student requires a very good College with good quality of Education background for acquiring proper knowledge about their subjects and to achieve the best they can in their lives. I would suggest interested Engineering Aspirants to read this article for the details about the good Engineering Colleges in KERALA.

    Reply ↓

  8. oishi chatterjee says:

    This article provides you the best and well known colleges of kerala in the field of engineering. students who aspires to study can go through this article and fetch the information.The importance and antiquity of imparting education in Kerala is underscored by the state’s ranking as among the most literate in the country.

  9. preeti nisha says:

    The list is the list of best engineering colleges in the state of kerala.This is very informative list providing necessary details to help anyone choose among the best college for pursuing engineering in the state of kerala.

  10. barun kumar singh says:

    As we all know Kerala is top ranked in literacy rate India i.e 97%.This statistic proves that the level of teaching provided in this state.Kerala has large number of good engineering colleges which is ranked as the best colleges of engineering.The above article contains vital information of the top college of engineering in Kerala.

  11. sibanjan says:

    in india kerala ha its own identity…..from education to culture kerala is the eyeball of india in several prospects… kerala has the reputation for obtaining the maximum rate of literacy….from the ancient ages,, keralam is the stream of a great educational prospects… infact ,, in present scenario the cost for educational purposes is quite lower than the other states of india…
    this article shows the names of the best colleges for engineering in kerala….hope it will help you to make a bright future..

  12. Neha S says:

    Kerala has always been a house of top engineering colleges in India.
    And if you are planning to study engineering in the south then these are the colleges that you must refer to.
    So, here is a list of the best colleges of engineering in Kerala, That might help you find the best college.

  13. Kriti Das says:

    Kerala may be small state when it comes to size but this state is famed to have the maximum literacy rate.The people of Kerala are themselves very concerned about the quality of school and colleges in the state and this concern makes the difference.The engineering colleges of Kerala are therefore always considered by would be engineers .

  14. Vipin Sahu says:

    Here is a list of BEST COLLEGES OF ENGINEERING IN KERALA.As we all know that the highest number of literate persons are in Kerala.This shows the quality education provided by the kerala in every branch of stud y especially in engineering.And after 12th students sometimes students got confused about which college is better or which is not,so this article helps a lot for choosing best engineering college of Kerala.

  15. sibanjan says:

    kerala has the reputation for obtaining the maximum rate of literacy….from the ancient ages,, keralam is the stream of a great educational prospects… infact ,, in present scenario the cost for educational purposes is quite lower than the other states of india…
    this article shows the names of the best colleges for engineering in kerala….hope it will help you to make a bright future..

  16. ARPIT TARAN says:

    As we know engineering field is creative and this make youth to pursue it. Engineering colleges has various field such as electronics, civil, fire protection, mechanical, computer science and many more. These fields choice may vary from candidate’s interest. In Kerala there are lots of engineering colleges, so more is the confusion. Here is the list of best colleges in Kerala of engineering. Interested candidates can go through it, as nature wise Kerala is good in composition and education cost is much low that other states. So this would also attract you to come and join engineering college in Kerala.

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