top mba colleges in assam

List of Top MBA colleges in Assam

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top mba colleges in assam 

List of Top MBA colleges in Assam given here will help MBA aspirants a lot.

Many students get confused about what to do after graduation! They cannot decide whether to go for MBA or not. Apart from giving you a degree and getting you good career opportunities, MBA gives you many more benefits.

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What you really learn in an MBA?

If you think that in an MBA program you will only learn about the subjects of the syllabus, then you are wrong. You will really learn much more if you do an MBA:

  • Public speaking skills: If you go for MBA you will surely have a better public speaking skill. You will develop confidence. Capability of addressing public is one of the most important qualities a leader should have.
  • Improved English writing skills: Persuing MBA from a well known reputed college helps in improving English writing skills also.
  • Time management: Time management is one of the important or you may say the most important key to success. Doing MBA from a good college builds the quality of time management in students.
  • Very high level understanding of common business topics: Understanding of common business topics is also enhanced bu doing MBA.

… and much more..

Many more qualities are developed when one does MBA from a reputed college.

The Times Group TNS had conducted a Survey on B-schools for the year 2013. It was held from November 2012 till February 2013.The results are mainly based on two concepts i.e. Perception Survey and the Fact based Survey. The below lists has the collection of  Top MBA colleges in Assam.

List of top MBA colleges in Assam

S. No.Name of CollegeLocation
1.Assam UniversitySilchar
2.Don Bosco UniversityGuwahati
3.Girijananda Chowdhury Institute Of ManagementKamrup
4.Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University Guwahati
5.Tezpur UniversityTezpur
6. Centre for Management Studies Dibrugarh
7. Department of Business Administration Gopinath
8. Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management & Technology Azara
9. North Eastern Regional Institute of Management Nabin Nagar
10. Tezpur university Sonitpur


Hope the information will help you..  ALL THE BEST…

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15 Responses to List of Top MBA colleges in Assam

  1. Gourav Jain says:

    Want to study MBA in Assam?
    A very good idea.. Move East and get yourself admiited now..

  2. Neha S says:

    Wow!!! MBA in Assam..
    Nice idea ain’t it?
    Why dont you too give a thoght and refer to these list of top mba colleges in Assam.

  3. shreya sarkar says:

    Assam is providing quality education in all fields especially in management courses.People living in the extreme east like Assam come to central northern or southern India to pursue MBA and other related courses.Therefore this list can be really very helpful for students willing to pursue MBA as well as not wanting to leave their state. One can go through this page to find out the top MBA colleges in Assam.

  4. Vipin Sahu says:

    This post is very helpful for those students who want to do MBA from assam.Today assam is providing quality education in all field especially in management.So this post helps a lot as it provides complete information about LIST OF MBA COLLEGES IN ASSAM with their proper details.

  5. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    M.B.A stand for Master of Business Administration it will provide the master’s degree in business administration which attract people in wide range to choose this discipline field. It originate in late 90’s in U.S. Basically it is an field which not only used in the field of business administration, this field will also provide a scientific approach to any organization or company. The core course of M.B.A which provide to student is finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting. In India if some one want to be the M.B.A they only want to go in IIMs but Assam will provide an wonderful and enthusiastic universities and colleges which accreditation. So Assam is an beautiful state to study M.B.A.
    And some of the universities of M.B.A in Assam is given in this article.

  6. preeti nisha says:

    The above provided list is the list of top MBA colleges in assam.The above list of MBA colleges is a well compiled list of colleges in the state of assam and the list provides the needy with ample of information so that one can choose from the best colleges in the state of assam.

  7. SNEHA SINHA says:

    MBA is one of the most sought after course after graduation as it widens the scope of employment and at the same time offers better job oppurtunities.This article contains a list of MBA colleges IN ASSAM and it may be useful for those seeking admission in assam .

  8. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    MBA provides us the notch skill of management. It does not only provide the subjects of the syllabus. We can learn some more important skills along with the syllabus. Now the name of the colleges in Assam given above for MBA are some of the best colleges. So, I suggest that please go through the article..

  9. sibanjan says:

    assam is the gateway of eastern inda…in present scenario ,,,the state is improving spontaneously in economically… there are many colleges of state and national levels…it has a good reputation for marketing too…assam has the lead role for producing tea in india…. oil refineries are also a good resources for assam… so there is a huge prospects for an mba student to folurish his future…

  10. aratrika sengupta says:

    Starting from Arts to technology and now courses in Management, Assam has excelled in almost every aspects concerned to career building. Thus, with many of the eminent institutions in Assam, if you are planning for MBA degree from there, this a must go through article for you.

  11. diya mukherjee says:

    talking about mba or other graduate programs, a very few institutes are present and are best among other universities in india. so its better to hav a list of the top mba colleges n eastern india especially assam. this article gives you the names of best mba best colleges in assam along withtheir details.

  12. Gourav Kumar says:

    Assam is a land of abundant talent and doing MBA is a dream for many of them as it gives a good career opportunities to them. The article gives a complete list of top MBA colleges which a student can choose for taking admission.

  13. oishi chatterjee says:

    Assam is the highest producer of Tea in our country. So the market is always on a boost in this state of India. It is a perfect location for a MBA college. The colleges mentioned in list above are very much concerned with students well known training for their progress in marketing and finance department in near future.

  14. Namrata Mandhyan says:


  15. Kriti Das says:

    MBA is the most sought after post graduation course.People in extreme east come to central India to persue MBA.So it is really good to have so many quality MBA college in Assam.In fact here we have the list of top MBA colleges of Assam.A list like this is actually very badly wanted.

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