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Top MBA Colleges in Punjab

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Punjab owns some of the best known MBA colleges of the country. There are many top MBA colleges in Punjab. Manifold advantages of MBA race it onto the top slot of the most opted degree programs in the world.  Some main benefits of MBA are listed below :-

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Top MBA Colleges

  • Managerial Skills: Students opting for MBA get to have a great managerial skill. Anyone having good managerial skills can excel in any field.
  • Developing business expertise: MBA programs also develop business expertise in students. Being a business expert can get one great success.
  • Competitive advantage:  Any student involved in competent MBA program becomes a highly qualified leader. A competent MBA program prepares candidates as highly qualified leaders. The leadership qualities and specialized skills that one learns in MBA programs, provides competitive advantage over others. Most of the leading business organizations give MBA students, higher preference for higher management positions.
  • Career Advancement: With an MBA degree one can quickly climb up the corporate ladder with a handsome salary package along with a respectable designation. Commonly MBA students with specialized skills are selected to lead start-up companies.
  • Starting your own business: With the help of an ideal MBA program one can become a business savvy. The skill-set taught in MBA provides students ability of dealing with real work business problems. Eventually, you can branch out as an independent entrepreneur: running your very own successful business.

Creating a new architecture is a challenge faced not just by enterprises, but also by business schools or B-schools. The premise on which their teaching methods are built needs to change as businesses, too, change in keeping with the demand and economic dictates of the times.

And with them, we have also changed our approach to analyzing and ranking the B-schools. Here is the list of top MBA colleges in Punjab based on the survey report. The survey combined the scores of a factual survey (data from B-schools) and a perception survey (opinions of key stakeholders).


S. No.Name of the collegeLocation
1Global Institute Of Management And Emerging TechnologyAmritsar
2Swami Parmanand College Of Engineering And TechnologyDerabassi
3Adesh Institute Of Engineering And TechnologyFaridkot
4Amritsar College Of Engineering And TechnologyJalandhar
5Aryabhatta College Of Engg. & Tech.Barnal
6Baba Banda Singh College Of Engineering And TechnologyFatehgarh Sahib
7Baba Farid College Of Engineering & TechnologyBathinda
8Bhai Gurdas Institute Of Engineering And TechnologySangrur
9Bhai Maha Singh College Of EngineeringMuktsar
10Bhutta College Of Engineering And TechnologyLudhiana


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13 Responses to Top MBA Colleges in Punjab

  1. Anonymous says:
  2. ADITI says:


  3. Seema Mishra says:

    Today,Punjab is served by leading institutes of excellence in higher education.The study atmosphere is much more developed.If someone is wishing for a right college to pursue management education, can go through this article.This list provides the best of the colleges of Punjab and can be beneficial for MBA aspirants.

  4. Kriti Das says:

    Assam is small state but that doesn’t imply that people here are ready for any compromise watsoever in any field .This perhaps explains why we have so many quality MBA colleges in Assam.Infact the MBA colleges of Assam are so good that they have students from all over the country.This article has link to all MBA colleges in Assam and these links of all the relevant information.

  5. diya mukherjee says:

    want to get admission in the top mba collegs then just chill and go through this article. it provides you with the names of mba colleges in punjab.

  6. Barun kumar singh says:

    Punjab is a state of agriculture.The grains grown in Punjab needs to get good value in market which is not possible without having good marketing skills.Its a great opportunity for the people of Punjab to get good MBA teaching after their graduations for which they need not need to migrate to different places as they have numerous college of MBA in Punjab.This article contains the complete detail of the top MBA colleges of MBA in Punjab which would be quite helpful for the student of Punjab to go for the top MBA colleges in Punjab .

  7. Gourav Kumar says:

    Assam is developing very fast in terms of infrastructure, living standard and education. There is no. of colleges which offers MBA to the students and it creates confusion among students to choose the best colleges as it is the decision on which their future lies. The article contains list of top colleges in Assam rank wise so that a student can get the best colleges for studying MBA in Assam.

  8. Gourav Kumar says:

    Engineering colleges in Assam are of very good standard, there is very good standard of teaching and this article gives the list of top 10 engineering colleges of Assam which will help the student to choose the best engineering colleges in Assam.

  9. Rohit Kumar says:

    Punjab has become hub of MBA colleges in India. There is list of good MBA colleges in Punjab.this article is really very helpful for all mba aspirants in all over india.

  10. Namrata Mandhyan says:

    Punjab as a state earlier lacked colleges which would deliver best of the knowledge..and even today many of us do not know about colleges there…this list provides the best of the colleges of Punjab and can be beneficial for those who interested…

  11. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    In INDIA there are many states that still lags in education. From the above article we got to know that PUNJAB is also doing well in higher studies because earlier it was just famous for its GREEN REVOLUTION….. Some of the benefits of being an MBA are also stated…. So guys you can go through this article that will really brush up your knowledge regarding MBA colleges in PUNJAB.

  12. oishi chatterjee says:

    wat bout the lovely professional university? is it nt the part of it?

  13. Bharti Pandey says:

    Refer to the List of TOP College of Punjab….and fulfil ur Dream of studying in a good College!!!

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