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When we think about the Distance Education then immediately the name of Lovely Professional University comes in every student’s mind. This is the best place at which a student can trust upon.  

Once we visit this campus we find that it is spread over a huge piece of land. Locality wise it is situated at the best possible place. If we move inside the campus we find a very friendly but the technical environment over there. The place is very open , pure. It feels very peaceful there and provides a healthy atmosphere.

It is not only for the students, when at the time of admission when the parents come to visit the college, they walk back or go home with a satisfaction that once their ward is enrolled in this institution they they are convinced and satisfied that their ward’s future is secured over here.

If we talk about the campus, It is a huge campus and covers more than 600 acres of land. it is covered with lush green grass. It is also worth noting that their campus is all eco friendly.

Above written every thing in the article tells us about the campus of the college, treatment,environment etc.

But let me remind all of us reading this, We are not here to again know every good details about the college. This we already know. And if someone wants to know more about that can write us

Here we have a very serious point at which we should concentrate. That is the DISTANCE LEARNING. We  all very well knows this fact that Lovely Professional University provides Distance Learning Program. but my point is IS DISTANCE LEARNING BENEFICIAL?  

I have done a small survey in my locality and i have raised this question to almost every student and their parent. And i was surprised with the results of my survey.

All most 80% of the students thinks that distance learning is beneficial and Lovely Professional University has done a very good job by starting this on such a large scale. But the shocking part was from the parents, They think that I mean almost 62% parents think that it is not good. And Lovely Professional University is decreasing the sincerity of the students.

We must ask them (parents) ARE THEY REALLY DOING SO? 

Lovely Professional University provides us the Distance Learning Program and it is very important specially now-a-days. When we know that every one here wants to be multitasking and do several tasks at the same time. So LPU is helping them all. They can just be at their place and study as much as they want without wasting their time and can gain the maximum knowledge.

Lovely Professional University deals with every aspect of this. It provides excellent studies, well educated teachers who are always present for the students. Since it also has distance learning program so teachers are well updated and provide day to day and current knowledge to every student. They give complete attention to every single student. Proper scheduled task, working procedure, regular tests, self assessment of teachers as well as students are the daily program module.

They not only concentrate upon the academics but also extra co curricular activities. The students of lovely professional university organize fests and functions every year and makes history every time with their results and selection ratio.


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  1. Mitali Panda says:

    can any one give me the contact information of LPU??????

  2. Soubarna Biswas says:

    Distance Learning is now at your hand. This is all possible due to Lovely Professional University. And this article will make you believe.

  3. Shruti Priya says:

    Many of us are facing problems regarding how one can get the best usage of distance education.. Your search is over here its lovely professional university… Go through this article and clear all your doubts.

  4. Preeti Nisha says:

    This article is well complied and i’m sure everyone keeping a doubt about Distance learning education then this article about lovely professional university will clear them all..

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