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Law School Admission Test(LSAT) is a standardized test conducted four times per year with not more than three times in a two year period and seeks for reading comprehension, analytical and logical reasoning of candidates. Many colleges throughout the world have made this test as an entrance exam for their college for the programmes offered. LSAT-India 2013 was conducted across 15 cities on 19th May. On an average 92 to 100 questions are asked in LSAT-India.


It is Multiple Choice Question format test, and consists of 5 sections each having 35 minutes time limit. Out of these five sections, four have weightage in the candidate’s score. The remaining one, mostly called as variable  section is used to pre-test the new test questions. After the completion of this test, a candidate has to write a writing sample withing 35 minutes. This sample does not have any weightage in the exam but it is sent to every law school where the candidate is applying.


There are three parameters in LSAT-India on which a candidate is tested, namely-
Reading Comprehension– This section tests the reading ability of a candidate along with ability to interpret and understand the context. This section consists of four sets of reading questions, each set having five to eight questions. This section has 24 questions.

Analytical Reasoning– This sections tests the ability of a candidate to understand the logical relationships between the statements and draw conclusions. In this section, a candidate is asked to reason from a set of statements and rules describing the relationship between people, objects and events. Around 24 questions are asked in this section.

Logical Reasoning– In this section, the candidate is needed to read and comprehend a short paragraph and answer the related questions. This test checks the critical reasoning of a candidate  and emphasis is given on the skills that involve legal reasoning. This section has two parts, each having approximately 24 questions.


Registration fees for LSAT-India is Rs.3500.

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