Machine Over Man Or Man Over Machine ?

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At the Flip of the century, Man has come up with Innumerable Inventions , each more innovative than the previous one.Human lives has been changed drastically after the inventions of Machines or can say Machines has indeed created a significant impact on the human life today , notably in technological aspects yet as within the economic and social aspects . Over the years, machines have influenced practically every field of activity. Machines have revolutionized the sectors of Health, Education, Communication, Defense, Robotic , Research etc. and have given us a more convenient environment to live in.

Working with the assistance of machines has created our existence way less complicated and easier than what previous generations had seen. Currently, the question arises ARE MACHINES TAKING OVER MAN? Some may say its Absurd, However I’d say Look around , We have started depending on machines in our day to day life . Earlier the usage of Machines were restricted for Production , Transportation etc . But today their functions and involvement has become so intense that we have started using them in every sphere of our life. In today’s era , Machines has created such a great impact on man such that the current generations  becomes erratic if they are subjected to an environment where machines are absent . Machines  has made many kind of human labor irrelevant . Computers, as well as many other machines, have replaced the requirements for humans to perform repetitive tasks. Computers can perform calculations and record information far better than humans and for lower value . That’s why machines have replaced many human jobs. Location has become far less important in human lives as the machines of technology have connected them to vast information and social networks . Many everyday tasks can be automated by technology in modern lives, allowing people to accomplish tasks from anywhere . For instance researchers can navigate unlimited information sources without going to a library, Consumers can shop online without going to a physical store. Machines facilitate in an exceedingly giant scale in sector wherever production and force is needed such as Construction and the list is endless and still increasing.

This Topic has been of very High Important in different public Service Commission Exam like that of UPSC,RAS,BPSC, and MPBSC etc. As Essay Topic. 

However, Machine has evidenced to be much more Effective , Efficient and Reliable than humans wherever the priority is to maintain quality and consistency but we cannot ignore the fact that Human still has its own distinct benefits over machines . When it comes to Skill , Intellect ,creation , Versatility, and expertise humans are still a lot  more Active, Superior  and Capable then machines whereas Machines lacks in reasoning . Art and Creativeness can solely be seen in humans . When compared with machines  the human manpower has its own distinct blessing .In the end it absolutely was The Man who invented Machines and vice versa can never be True , So as a Result of it , MACHINES CAN NEVER TAKE OVER MAN i.e  Human brains because it’s the man who gave the vision to its invention and created it.

Man Over Machine

One should never forget the fact that MACHINES are simply a MAN-MADE Tool which is invented  to make human lives better, easier, quicker and most significantly to assist MAN and not to extrude MAN .Henceforth the proper and effective usage of machines by humans can lead to many more Innovations.

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11 Responses to Machine Over Man Or Man Over Machine ?

  1. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Machine is created by humans. But in flow of time, machine takes the places of us in every field. Machine reduces the manpower of any work and even provides the relevant efficiency. But that does not signify that machine defeats us. We are still leading on some basises like Skill , Intellect ,creation , Versatility etc. So, it should be better to say that both needs each other…

  2. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    As we already know “Science is a good servant, but a bad master”. Man invented so many machines so that he should not have to do this work manually, work will be done by machine. Machines are invented to make the work easier. If these machines started behaving like a human being then a time will come machines are more powerful and intelligent than the human brains. It cannot be affordable. Therefore man over machines are good rather than machines over man.

  3. preeti nisha says:

    No wise man will say that machines have replaced humans as because man is the creator of machine. Machines have just been invented to divide the work of men,ease their work load and probably get efficient outputs within very less span of time. These machines in the form of innovation in all the the fields such as medicine,education,research,food everywhere have led to reformed ways. Imagine world without no machines at hospitals, no proper water sanitation , no food filtering would have kept our life at stake. The evolution of emails have made communication much faster and easy not only for personal but for professional work as well. Today almost every door have pc’s or laptops. Thus concluding machines are just to alleviate human beings and their needs. They can never replace their own creators.

  4. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    Man over machine-always! since man is the the one who created it. a creation however big or awesome it is cant ever supersede it’s creator. Machines were invented to make the work of a man easier, increase productivity. Artificial intelligence is a new concept. but yet again it is also created by man himself. so there is no question in arguing on this that man is ever supreme and would be so. machines are merely things working at our command and working for us at our will. it cant ever overpower a man ‘s intelligence. its merely a man made tool as said already in the article. machines cant replace or reduce the importance of a man!

  5. Sayanti Banerjee says:

    The basic necessity of an human is some food,shelter and clothes,but creating machines we are trying and developing our luxury means,also our memory is getting bigger with the help of machines.We just only have to know to operate those,which is making our daily life a bit simpler then it is.So,considering this I would prefer machine over man,saying this “We the human create machines”.

  6. Pallavi sinha says:

    Article is really appreciating and looks impressive. Without manpower there is no any value and existence of machines at all.Man regulates,operates and use machines according to their needs and usages.Thus there is always a man power who overtakes the machine power.

    • Mahima Sharma says:

      Thanks a lot Pallavi for your appreciation dear! 🙂 🙂

  7. Priyanka Baidya says:

    In my opinion human power is better than machine power.
    It is the human only who created the machines due to his mind power.
    Machines cant survive without fuel but human can survive without its fuel(food,water) for many days.
    Without man there is no value of machine.
    The thinking power of man beats the machine power.

  8. Aishwarya Gupta says:

    Very Nice Article and in My opinion Machines are dominating mankind now a days but yes Rightly said Mahima that in the end it was man who invented machine so manpower will alwayz be on higher priority!

  9. Akanksha Chaturvedi says:

    Every thing has its own importance for eg. if we have to calculate 2+2 we dont need calculator for such calculations but when in Fukushima (Japan) the nuclear reactor was collapsed we neede robots there bcoz for human beings to go there was dangerous bcoz of radioactive radations.
    So, every thing has its significance the thing is we should use it wisely.

  10. meetu uthra says:

    It is obvious that machines can never take over man , it is man who has invented machines and all the technologies for the betterment of people and to make others life easy.

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