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Math Questions For IBPS Exam 2015

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Math Questions For IBPS Exam 2015 

Q 1 Simplify the Equations-


A. 1/4B.1/14
C. 1/17D. 1/15
E.  None of these

Q 2. Simplify the Equations-

  ( √9*14*?)=63

A. 100.5B. 107.58
C. 104.5D. 108.5
E.  None of these

Q 3 Simplify the Equations-


A. 8/279B.8/289
C. 8/269D. 8/299
E.  None of these

Q 4 What will come next in the series?

165, 38, 82, 170, 346,?

A. 689B. 670
C. 698D. 968
E.  None of these

Q 5 What will come next in the series?

208, 207, 211, 202, 218, ?

A.  222B. 198
C.  227D. 254
E.  None of these

Q 6  What will come next in the series?

270,266, 257, 241, 216, ?

A.  245B. 180
C. 284D.  198
E.  None of these

Q 7  What will come next in the series?

440, 359, 310, 274, 149, 133, ?

A. 129B. 145
C. 134D. 124
E.  None of these

Q 8  What will come next in the series?

 3, 5, 15, 65, 315,? 

A.  1565B. 1575
C.  1685D. 1680
E.  None of these

Q 9 Simplify the Equations-


A. 42B.54
C. 45D. 44
E.  None of these

Q 10.The ratio between the length and width of a rectangular filed is 4:3 if the area of filed is 768 square meter then find the difference between length and width of the field ? 

A.  8B. 10
C.  6D. 12
E.  None of these

Q 11.  There are 5000 people are there in a camp and they have food only for 90 days if after 40 days 1000 member move from camp.then for how many days the food is enough for rest members? 

A.  65B.68
C.  78D.  58
E.  None of these

Q 12. Shive  Prem and Geeta started a business and invested   Rupees 6000, 3000, 6000 respectively after 6 months Shive left the business if after the end of 8 months they earn 4500 rupees then what is the share of prem in profit?

A. 1000B. 1500
C.  2500D. 1800
E.  None of these

Q 13 The average weight of 9 persons increased by 3.5 kg when one person left them who weight 58 kg is replaced with a new man find the weight of new man?

A. 86.2B. 85.9
C. 89.5D. 88.3
E.  None of these

Q 14 If  the average weight of 7 persons is 55 kg That of 2 person is 51 and that of 2 person is 54 kg find the approx average weight of all persons.

A. 63B. 64
C. 86D. 78
E.  None of these

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Q 15 Rohit and Renu invested an amount of Rupees 50,000 and 75,000 respectively at the end of 2 years they earn a total profit of 45000. What is the Rohit’s share in the profit? 

A. 18000B. 20000
C.12000D. 27000
E.  None of these

.Q 16 to 20 There are 4000 students  in a school and the ratio between boys and girls is 6:4. Only 20% girls and 40% boys read Math. 30 % girls and 20% boys  Read only science. Rest students has English.

Q 16 How many students are studying Math? 

A.1320B. 1280
C.1260D. 1360
E.  None of these

Q 17 How many girls are studying English?.

A. 660B.820
C. 940D. 800
E.  None of these

Q 18 How many students are studying Science?.

A.480B 560
C. 260D. 600
E.  None of these

Q 19 Find the total numbers of students those are studying both Math and English?

A. 3260B 3150
C. 3040D. 3600
E.  None of these

Q 20  In which subject both girls and boys have same number ?

(a) Math

(b) Science

(c) Both Math and Science

(d) None of these


Q 20 to 25 Read the following table and give the Answers

This is the table of 5 cities and the total numbers of voters (male and female) are 50000 in village.

The ratio between male and female is 6:4


Female of City


Q 21 What is the Ratio between the female of city E and  A ?

A. 11:10B 10:11
C. 13:12D. 12:13
E.  None of these

Q 22 How many male voters are there in city A?

A. 1200B 1800
C. 1500D. 2000
E.  None of these

 23 How many female voters are there in city A ,B and D ?

A.  9600B 10200
C. 11500D. 10600
E.  None of these

Q 24 What is the  value of Male voters out of total number of voters?

A. 60%B 56%
C. 70%D. 80%
E.  None of these

Q 25 How many male voters are there in city  D and E?

A. 12000B 18000
C. 17000D. 20000
E.  None of these


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