What is meant by Ethical Hacking?

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With the growth of Internet, computer security has become the major issue. Everyone is to take advantage of internet for electronic commerce , advertisements, information distribution and access but are worried by the possibility of being hacked. Simultaneously other people are worried about maintaining control of personal information which includes credit card numbers to social security numbers. In this search people came a way to diagnose the problem, organisations came to realize this. So they decided to invent a technique which was similar to having auditors which come into an organisation to verify its bookkeeping records. In case of computer security they are called ‘tiger teams’ or ‘ethical hackers’. They neither damage systems nor steal any information instead they would evaluate the target system and report back to the owners with the vulnerabilities.

Ethical Hacking

Who are Ethical hackers:

Before knowing what actually is ethical hacking, one must know who is a ethical hacker. An ethical hacker is a computer network programmer or an expert who attacks a security system on behalf of its owners but does not take an advantage of it. Or else we can say that ethical hacker is a person who after hacking reports the problem instead of being benefited from it. The ethical hackers who are successful possess a variety of skills. Ethical Hackers have very strong programming and computer networking skills and have been to this for several years. They are also fluent at installing systems that use more popular operating systems (e.g., UNIX** or WINDOWS NT**). They have detailed knowledge of hardware and software.

What Is Ethical Hacking In Networking Terms:

Ethical Hacking is often done by ‘White Hat’ or skilled computer experts, is the use of programming skills to determine vulnerabilities in computer systems. The term White Hat here refers to the ethical computer hacker or a security expert who has specialization in penetration testing. The ‘Black Hat’ hackers are the ones who hack illegally. Ethical Hacking is a term given by IBM which also includes many other methodologies other than testing.

White and Black Hat Hacker

What do Ethical Hackers do?

Ethical Hackers work on following three factors:

  • What they are trying to protect?
  • What they are trying to protect against?
  • How much time, effort and money they would require to obtain adequate protection?

The actual testing employed by the testers are never revealed. It is because the person delivering the report who has to access.



Hence we conclude that ethical hacking is a way to overcome vulnerabilities which are found to exist. An agreement is made between client and ethical hackers to even protect hackers since this is illegal in most of the countries.

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