Mechanical Engineering Optional Strategy by topper

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Mechanical Engineering Optional Strategy by topper

Engineering students have several benefits while preparing for the UPSC exams. The best part is many engineering subjects are provided as optional. Numerous subjects from major engineering divisions such as Civil, electrical and mechanical are available as optional subjects. When it comes to Mechanical Engineering optional subject, most of the engineering students step away instead of opting it. There are so much debate going on about the elimination of engineering optional by engineering graduates itself. Here is everything you need to know about the subject and also read Mechanical Engineering Optional Strategy by topper Raveesh Gupta.

Mechanical Engineering is all about structure, plan and utilization of machines. Under graduates and post graduates engineering students should certainly choose this subject as they have more knowledge in the Mechanical engineering domains than other students.

Advantages of Mechanical engineering Optional

  • Mechanical students will have the basic foundation of this optional subject and it’s just revising the important concepts and topics in UPSC syllabus.
  • If you have chosen Mechanical Engineering optional, then you are special as the decision you took shows the expertise in the subject.
  • Memorizing the subjects is not required as you have to understand the concepts and contexts in the subject.


  • Lengthy and draining syllabus will lead to tiredness and the syllabus is quite difficult to prepare as well.
  • The syllabus is unique and it doesn’t have overlapping with other subjects making the preparations more hard

Check out the Mechanical Engineering Optional Strategy by UPSC topper

  • Instead of relying on books and study materials, you can research online which saves your energy and money as well.
  • Note down the important points on sticky notes and have access to tough topics. In this way, you will remember difficult sections easily.
  • Consistency and self-motivation is very essential. If you have to succeed in UPSC, then you have to toil a little as we know only hard work PAYS!!!
  • Keep yourself concentrated and motivated all day long especially when you are studying.
  • Choosing this subject is not a joke and it requires  lot of confidence on yourself for selecting Mechanical Engineering.
  • If you have picked this subject, you will certainly succeed big.
  • No matter what, write the exams in a way that the answers you provide captures the eyes of the examiner.
  • Always remember that you need to write the first question in the paper properly as it will create an impression on your writing and with this mindset only the examiner will evaluate the papers.
  • Writing essays on numerous topics is actually mandatory to score more.
  • Relevant diagrams and other things that would increase the value of your answer should be furnished in the answer sheet.
  • Highlight subtitles and important definitions so that they will never go unrecognized.


Books that you should actually read to score High in Mechanical engineering optional

  • Theory of Mechanics – S S Rattan
  • Manufacturing Science – R K Jain
  • Fundamentals of Classed Thermodynamics – Van Wylen
  • Thermodynamics – R Yadav
  • Heat Conversion – Arora and Kundwar
  • Heat Transfer – Gupta Prakash
  • Theory of Mechanism and Mechanics – Jagdish Lal
  • Heat and Mass Transfer – R. Yadav
  • Principles of Manufacturing Material & Process – Campbell
  • Mechanic of Solids – Popru
  • Environmental Pollution Central Engineering-C S Rao
  • Manufacturing Technology – P N Rao
  • Energy Conversion – Sukhalmoy
  • Surveying and Levelling – T P Kanetkar
  • Manufacturing Science – Ghosh and Malik
  • Production Management – R K Jain

All you have to do is, prepare with the help of above-mentioned books and get ready to face the UPSC mains with lots of confidence.

Is coaching important for Mechanical Engineering Optional subject?

Though you can prepare with the available study materials and online resources, a proper guidance from professors who have hands-on experience in teaching other fellow IAS students like you would certainly help you alot.


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