Medicine – top UK Universities

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Medical colleges in UK

The United Kingdom also known as Britain is a Sovereign State and the type of Government in UK is the Constitutional Monarchy.UK is a developed country with a good standard of living, free society where people are technologically aware, concerned about health and medicine.

UK is such a country where people are straight forward, vibrant , enthusiastic. People are willing to gain education and earn their living themselves. We all know that to get a good job, education is the most important criteria now a days.Statistics say that 75 % of the adults in UK of age between 25 to 64 earn their living after gaining an education equivalent of a high school degree.

EDUCATION SYSTEM IN UK:The process of education in UK is a bit different from rest of the countries. In UK the education system has been divided under the jurisdiction of separate governments.UK has proved to be successful in providing education in Medical sciences, Bioscience, Pharmacology, Drug Discovery , Nursing and Physiotherapy.

LIVING CONDITION IN UK: In UK standard of living is good enough. About 70% of the people are employed and have paid jobs.


  • Fee structure for UNDERGRADUATE COURSES: The Government of UK controls the fees for the home students.Fees for the overseas student are different and increases annually by the RPI value.Students on a year have to pay a fees of 1725 pounds.The entire fee structure depends on the economy of the country and might increase during inflations.
  • Fee structure for POSTGRADUATE COURSES: Even PG courses fee structures are controlled by the Government of UK in case of home students and for overseas students  increases annually by the RPI value.

TYPES OF COURSES IN EDUCATION OF MEDICINE:a) 6 years course which includes B.Sc and MBBS together

b) 5 years course in MBBS

The quality of education in medicine in UK is of a competitive level with tradition and innovation in every steps of the course.The course includes the following:

  • Scientific basis of education
  • Doctor and patient relation
  • Clinical experience
  • Live lectures of the faculties as well as e-learning
  • Research module
  • Pathology courses
  • Specialized studies

Pathology courses includes detailed studies in the following:

a) Obstetrics and Gynaecology
b) Paediatrics
c) Psychiatry
d) Oncology
e) General Practice and Primary Health Care
f) Radiology
g) Infectious Diseases/GUM/HIV
h) Dermatology
i) Orthopaedics
j) learning skills

Admission criteria: For A level candidates there are 42 courses of medicine in UK.There are total 31 courses in medicine which requires entrance exam UKCAT, 4 courses of medicine requires entrance exam BMAT and 7 courses of medicine do not require any entrance exam.There are three steps during for admission in  UK schools of medicine:

  • The candidate needs to fill up the UCAS (University of College Admission Services) application form which costs 11 pounds.
  • The application form should contain recommendation letter.
  • The application form should have personal statement attached as well.

Top 15 universities of United Kingdom which provides quality education in medicine:

  • CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY: This university is one the best institutions of the entire world which has proved in academic excellence in every domain.It offers several courses such as Obstetrics, Paediatrics, oncology, Medicine, Haematology, Radiology, Surgery.

fee structure: 1725 pounds per annum or 155944.98 INR

contact details:University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Box 111
Hills Road
CB2 0SP.


  • OXFORD UNIVERSITY:This university of Oxford is an exciting place to start the career.Medical studies in Oxford is of high quality.The course here can be divided into 2 parts pre-clinical as well as clinical.

fee structure:1865 pounds per annum or 165277 INR

contact details:Medical Sciences Teaching Centre
South Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PL

  • EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY:The schools and departments of this University is excellent with vibrant faculties, good infrastructure, library facilities.This school provides good opportunity for research programmes.

fee structure: 1847 pounds per annum or 166973.89 INR.

contact details:Old College
South Bridge
Work: +44 (0)131 650 1000.

  • UNIVERSITY OF LONDON: This university is known for its excellence in medical education as well as research programmes.It has a very good panel of academic staff who have good knowledge in medical studies.

fee structure: 1867 pounds per annum or 168645.98 INR

contact details:

University college London,

Gower street- London  WC1E 6BT,

  • ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY: This University give an opportunity to the students to study medicine in an excellent environment with good facility in research programmes.The courses offered are modern , dynamic, full of innovation.

fee structure:1767 pounds per annum or 159848 INR.

contact details: The School of Medicine and Dentistry

Polwarth Building
AB25 2ZD
Tel: +44 (0)1224 437923.

  • IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON: This university is one of the best universities in Europe which offers medical education.It has good faculties who are vibrant enough and educate their students with modern and innovative methods.

fee structure:1725 pounds per annum or 155944 INR.

contact details: London Anatomy Office
Room 5.8
5th floor, Hodgkin Building
King’s College London
Guy’s Campus
London SE1 1UL
Telephone: 020 7848 8042
Fax: 020 7848 8077

  • QUEEN MARRY UNIVERSITY: This is one of the best schools of medicine in London.Courses available are: Medicine MBBS, Dentistry BDS,Post Graduate Medicine and Dentistry Programmes.

fee structure: 1866 pounds per annum or 168691.44 INR

contact details:Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry,

Turner Street,London E1 2AD,UK.

  • NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY: MBBS in this University is of good quality which gives the students a good opportunity in research programmes.Facilities available in University are as follows: Base Units, Clinical skills, anatomy labs etc.

fee structure:1878 pounds per annum or 169638.99 INR

contact details: Administrator for Admissions
Faculty Undergraduate Office
Medical School
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4HH
United Kingdom

(UK) 0191 222 7005

  • BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY: This university is counted among the best medical schools of UK and it is based at the University of Birmingham in Edgbaston, Birmingham, England.It has medical college as well as dental college with undergraduate as well as post graduate opportunities.

fee structure: 1756 pounds per annum or 158747.14 INR

contact details: 5 Pritchatt’s Rd, Birmingham,

West Midlands B15 2QU,

United Kingdom.

  • MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY: This university is provided with 6 Faculty institutes and their related centers which helps in imparting quality medical education to the deserving students.The students get an opportunity to excel in academics under the care of the vibrant panel of faculties.

fee structure:1725 pounds per annum or 155944.14 INR

contact details: Manchester Medical School
The University of Manchester
Stopford Building
Oxford Road
M13 9PT

  • QUEEN’S BELFAST UNIVERSITY: This university is considered to be the largest among the best medical schools.It has 520 staffs who put hard work to educate the students with world class medical skills.

fee structure:1786 pounds per annum or 161567.88 INR

contact details: School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

Health Sciences Building
97 Lisburn Road
Belfast BT9 7BL

  • SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY: This university has a good reputation because of its dynamic and multidisciplinary faculties.The Bachelor Degree for Medicine in this university provides a broad platform for the studies of health and disease.

fee structure: 1745 pounds per annum or 157858.71 INR

contact details: Telephone: +44 (0)23 8059 4408

Fax: +44 (0)23 8059 4159


  • CARDIFF UNIVERSITY: This university is a reputed one in UK which provides the students an upgraded quality of education in medicine.The school is facilitated with good infrastructure, faculties etc.

fee structure:1756 pounds per annum 158747.43 INR

contact details: Cardiff University School of Medicine
Cochrane Medical Education Centre
Heath Park
Cardiff CF14 4YU

  • LEEDS UNIVERSITY: Medical education in this University is of high quality which aims to improve health and reduce health problems locally as well as globally.It practices medical education in a evidence based approach.

fee structure: 1878 pounds per annum or 169638.91 INR

conatct details: Woodhouse Ln
Leeds, West Yorkshire
+44 113 243 1751

  • LEICESTER UNIVERSITY: Medical education is imparted in a modern and innovative manner in this university. The faculties are vibrant and believes in educating the students with evidence based research.

fee structure:1735 pounds per annum or 156721.98 INR

contact details: University Road
+44 116 252 2522


There are 18 five year programme in medicine which requires grade A in all science subjects like biology, chemistry, physics.Some of the universities considers maths as well. There are 6 six year programme in medicine which requires grade A in any one of the science subjects.



ADVANTAGES of studying in UK:a) MASTER DEGREE in UK is of one year duration.

b)Students can also do vocation courses side by side.

c)once a student completes his or her course , he or she will get 2 years work permit in UK.












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