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Methodology of Online Class

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This article tells you about the online class and also about the methodology of online class, also about the tools that are required during online class.

About Online Class

Online class is a computer based class that can consists of one or more people at one end and others are at other end.The main advantage of online class is that it can check your speed of answering the question and you can also record the online class and go through it later.



Advantages of Online Class

There are various advantages of online classes which are as follows:

  1. Cost effective 
  2. Secured Exam
  3. Low Pressure
  4. Flexibility
  5. Skill Development
  6. Comfort
  7. Time Saving

Cost effective:

It can save your convence charges, that why it is cost effective and you have to charge only your internet.

Secured Exam:

Nobody can see your exam and it also avoid paper spills.

Low Pressure:

it is the work that has low pressure because you can take online class according to yourself.No limitations of time can be required.


Taking a class online implies that you can read and take in the material and do the work all alone time. Doing course deal with your own particular means less weight to stay aware of different students in the class following you’ll be working exclusively as opposed to in a gathering.

Skill Development

Not just can online courses build your insight in a specific branch of knowledge, however they can show lessons priceless to different parts of your life.


Online classes don’t oblige a clothing regulation, so in the event that you get up in the morning and have a craving for relaxing around in your Pjs or most loved sweats, put it all on the line.

Time Saving:

It is less time consuming as it can be avaialable now a days on your door step, you can schedule your online class accordingly.

Tools required for Online Class

There are various types of tools that are required to attend online class which are as follows:


1.Desktop/laptop with web-camera facility

2.Microphone attached to it

3.High speed internet

4.Suitable location where internet has to be connected


At Wiziq, online class will be held, in the class proper facilities are required such as 


1.Schedule online class

2.Take class as a teacher or a trainee

3.Number of members that will attend the class

4.You can set the name of online class, for eg- “Ethical Hacking” or “Online PHP session

5.You can schedule online class like, it starts from 5 min to 90 mins as per your instructions.

6.While teacher can take online class, it has a option of asking the question, means student can put up their questions on the White board, and teacher can answer those questions on same.It can visible to all the students of the class.

NOTE:While running of online class you cannot schedule another online class, you can schedule the another class when 1st class got over.

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