MHT CET syllabus and Eligibility Criteria for Engineering

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MHT-CET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test) is an Common Entrance exam that is conducted for the admission in various undergraduate courses in engineering, Dental, medical, and Ayurveda courses. This post includes MHT CET syllabus and Eligibility Criteria for Engineering Entrance Exam for the interested students of Maharashtra to get an idea of the paper pattern and topics that are covered in the examination for better preparations.

MHT CET Examination paper pattern: 

MHTCET Engineering Entrance Examination is divided into two papers each carrying 100 marks with a duration of one and half hour.


MHT CET syllabus

  • Paper I : Physics and Chemistry of 50 Marks each
  • Paper II:  Mathematics of total 100 Marks

All the questions for  these papers are objective type carrying marks for each correct answer. This paper has no negative marking for wrong answer.

Eligibility Criteria for MHTCET

Basic Eligibility Criteria in Maharashtra CET :

  • Candidate must pass Class 12 examination form Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education with English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as a compulsory subjects.
  • Candidate must secure a minimum percentage of 50% in PCM for Maharashtra and a minimum percentage of 45% for candidates from backward class.
  • Download Eligibility Criteria for candidates other from the state in pdf format

PART-1 PHYSICS: Topic covered under Physics syllabus

Topic-1: Interference of Light
Topic- 2: Current Electricity
Topic-3:  Effects of Electric Current
Topic-4: Magnetism
Topic-5: Circular Motion
Topic-6: Semiconductor Devices
Topic-7: Elasticity
Topic-8: Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Optics
Topic-9: Atoms Molecules and Nuclei
Topic-10:  Electrons and Protons
Topic-11: Electromagnetic Induction
Topic-12: Electrostatics
Topic-13: Gravitation
Topic-14: Kinetic Theory of Gases
Topic-15: Properties of Fluids
Topic-16: Radiation and Rotational Motion
Topic- 17: Simple Harmonic Motion
Topic-18: Stationary Waves  and Thermionic Emission
Topic-19: Thermodynamics
Topic-20: Wave Motion and Wave Theory of Light.

Download MHT CET Syllabus for Physics in pdf format

PART-2 MATHEMATICS: Topic covered under Mathematics Syllabus

Topic-1: Application of Derivatives
Topic-2:  Limits
Topic-3:  Continuity
Topic-4:  Derivatives
Topic-5:  Ellipse
Topic-6:  Differential Equations
Topic-7:  Definite Integrals
Topic-8: Hyperbola
Topic-9: Indefinite Integrals
Topic-10:  Circle
Topic-11: Linear Programming
Topic-12: Mathematical Logic
Topic-13: Matrices
Topic-14: Numerical Methods
Topic-15: Pairs of Lines
Topic-16: Parabola
Topic-17: Probability
Topic-18: Vectors

Download MHT CET Syllabus for Marthematics in pdf format

PART-3: CHEMISTRY: Topic covered under Chemistry Syllabus

Topic-1. Acids and Esters
Topic-2. Adsorption and Colloids
Topic-3. Amines
Topic-4. Aldehydes and Ketones
Topic-5. Carbohydrates Proteins and Fats
Topic-6. Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics
Topic-7. Ethers
Topic-8. Electrochemistry
Topic-9. Fluorine and Hydrogen Fluoride
Topic-10. Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes
Topic-11. Ionic Equilibria
Topic-12. Nature of Chemical Bond
Topic-13. Nuclear and Radiochemistry
Topic-14. Organic Hydroxy Compounds
Topic-15. Silicon
Topic-16. Synthetic Fibers
Topic-17. Third Row Elements

Download MHT CET Syllabus for Chemistry in pdf format

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