Microwave Frequency Control

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Coherency -:

This is photonic technique  and is  based on the optical heterodyning for  generation of microwave and millimeter-wave signals . Coherence control of a comb of time-delayed as well as frequency-shifted optical signals is applicable to selectively beat multiple optical signals together so as  to generate a stable and  spectrally pure microwave or millimeter-wave signal.

Load Damping-:

In case of an audio system damping factor gives a ratio of  rated impedance of a loudspeaker to a source impedance and  the resistive part of the loudspeaker impedance is applied. Where the amplifier output impedance is predicted to be totally resistive. This source impedance includes , connecting cable impedance.

Speed control mechanism-:

Speed control through any kind of governor is also a kind of servomechanism. In  this case basically the steam engine uses the mechanical system governors. The speed of water is also governed by this system ,the mechanical system governor. Historically after the  World War II the constant speed propeller was invented so as to control the speed of the engine for controlling the aircraft.

questions and answers

1.Is there any provision or technology to use microwave  technology for mind control?

ans-:As  we know that the microwave signal put a  very gross impact on  the human  brain.It converts the human brain into suppressed brain so microwave signal affetcts the animal  brain   both positively as well as negatively.

2.What are the health risk found during the exposure to the microwave signals?

ans-: There are various health risk of for the human habitats that are caused due to exposure of the microwave signal and these are all the health hazards that are incurable these are -:

1.Skin cancer,


3. Harnia

4.radiation exposure also affects the psychology of human brain and may cause madness which is very  hazardous and incurable.

GATE Syllabus-

1. Gate syllabus for Electronics and Communication Engineering

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1. IES Syllabus For Electronics and Telecomm

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