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multmdia-2Multimedia it is a combination of text, art, sound, animation and video that is delivered to the user by the means of computer or any electronic devices. There are two types of multimedia Interactive Multimedia and Integrated Multimedia.

Integrated multimedia is defined as the multimedia where source documents such as graphics, video cuts, and sounds merge into a final Presentation.

Interactive multimedia is defined as the multimedia where we allow the end user known as viewer of a multimedia project to control what and when the elements are delivered.

The elements in multimedia are:-


  • Images
  • Sound
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Text




Text in the form of words, sentences and paragraphs is used to communicate thoughts, ideas and facts in nearly every aspect of our lives. Texts consists of two structures: Linear, Non-Linear.

  • Linear:-A single way to progress through the text, starting at the beginning and reading to the end.
  • Non-Linear:-Information is represented in a semantic network in which multiple related sections of the text are connected to each other .A user may then browse through the sections of the text, jumping from one text section to another.


There are two types of images Bitmap images and Vector images.

  • Bitmap images are the images which are made up of collection of dots known as pixels. Bitmapped images can have varying bit and color depths.
  • Vector images are those images which are made up of squares, rectangle circle etc. Vector images cannot be used for photorealistic images. Vector images require a plug-in for Web-based display. Vector images can be easily scalable and resizable


Vibrations in the air create waves of pressure that are perceived as sound. Sound waves vary in sound pressure level (amplitude) and in frequency or pitch. ‘Acoustics’ is the branch of physics that studies sound. Sound pressure levels (loudness or volume) are measured in decibels (dB).


Animation is derived from the word animate which means  “to give life to” Specify, directly or indirectly, how ‘thing’ moves. Thus when a multimedia developer wants to bring an image to life, animation is used. For example, a spinning globe is it better to film the motion on video, or is animation a better solution.


Video is an excellent tool for delivering multimedia. Video places the highest performance demand on computer and its memory and storage. Digital video has replaced analog as the method of choice for making and delivering video for multimedia.

Characteristics of multimedia

1. Seamless integration :-Very close interweaving that a discrete character of a different type of individual media is submerged in the experience of the multimedia environment

2. Digital environment:-Each and every media should be transformed into digital form so as to initiate the ease of use of the media in the computer.

3. Interactive:-The most important feature of multimedia is the ability it affords you to interact with media, both actively controlling what you see and hear and creating your own media

4. Non-linear / Non-sequential:-A good Multimedia application is non-linear in transferring information and presentation delivery. End users can explore quickly while building their own pathway without being restricted by the linear format. This method is effective as compared to the traditional method.






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    MULTIMEDIA has become one of the most important way to entertain,amuse and to communicate. A very thorough article on the same.

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    Multimedia is a very good and interesting subject. By having a sound knowledge of it, one can play with images, mp3s, videos, texts, etc.

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