Nagaland Board Sample Paper of English for Class 10

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Nagaland Board of faculty Education (abbreviated as NBSE), a board of faculty education in state of Nagaland, India. NBSE is state agency of state of Nagaland in Republic of India, it’s accountable for promotion and development of educational activity in Nagaland. Here in this post we have tried to made available Nagaland Board Sample Paper of English for Class 10 for the purpose of providing help regarding to exam preparations. Sample papers are made to provide help to the students to judge their preparations before going for the exams. So, it very necessary that one should focus and concentrate while preparing for exams as this preparations will base your performance in Final Exams. For the purpose of enhancing your preparation you must revise important formula from Formulae of Physics Class X.

Major Board Objectives are:

Sample Paper of English for Class 10

10th Class English Sample Paper

(a) To guide the govt. of Nagaland authorities on development of faculty education.
(b) To adopt reforms in examinations and analysis practices.
(c) To inspect colleges to determine attainment of standards.
(d) To organize seminars, workshops for academics and heads of establishments.

Tips for Exam Preparations:

The English Paper is divided in 4 sections namely, Section A, B, C and D. All sections have equal weight age. Thus students need to give proper attention on each section to earn excellent Marks. Things what students need to remind during the exam time are as follow:

1) Section A has queries from reading section. it’s multiple answer queries and each one 5 queries unit of measurement necessary that you’d got to attempt. it’s no facilitative queries and every question carries marks that are to be awarded on correct Answer.

2) Section B has queries from writing section. This has utterly completely different quite queries like making notes from the paragraph, piece of writing the paragraph which will build an accurate sense, rewrite of the sentences that produces substantive sentences and precise writing. Try give answers in accordance to the questions in this sections.

3) Section C is linguistics section and it’s all linguistics connected queries.Fill inside the blanks for 2 marks; match the clauses of 4 marks and various objective kind queries on pronouns, verbs and on direct and indirect speech. Practice this section as much as you can to earn good marks.

4) Section D generally is for the literature that carries question from the fiction or poetry that is inside the course program. Basically this section includes question from your textbooks so try to prepare this section in well manner. If you feel can take help from your Subject teachers.

Here is connected some Sample paper for the Board, please click below to download

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  2. NBSE Sample Paper of English for Class 10 SET-2
  3. NBSE Sample Paper of English for Class 10 SET-3
  4. NBSE  Sample Paper of English for Class 10 SET-4

For more details on sample paper Please Board Sample Papers

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