What is Networking

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Networking Tips

A network consists of 2 or a lot of computers that are joined so as to share resources (such as printers and CDs), exchange files, or enable electronic communications. The computers on a network is also joined through cables, phone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared beams.

Two quite common varieties of networks include:

  •   Local Area Network (LAN)
  •   Wide Area Network (WAN)

Local Area Network :
A local Area Network (LAN) could be a network that’s confined to a comparatively little area. It’s usually restricted to a geographical region like a piece of writing workplace, school, or building. Computers connected to a network ar generally categorised as servers or workstations. Servers ar usually not employed by humans directly, however rather run unendingly to produce “services” to the opposite computers (and their human users) on the network. Services provided will embrace printing and faxing, package hosting, file storage and sharing, messaging, information storage and retrieval, complete access management (security) for the network’s resources, and lots of others. With the appearance of the pill pc, and also the bit screen devices like iPad and iPhone, our definition of digital computer is quickly evolving to incorporate those devices, owing to their ability to move with the network and utilize network services. Servers tend to be a lot of powerful than workstations, though configurations are radio-controlled by wants. as an example, a gaggle of servers could be



placed in a very secure space, off from humans, and solely accessed through the network. In such cases, it might be common for the servers to work while not an avid show or keyboard. On one LAN, computers and servers is also connected by cables or wirelessly. Wireless access to a wired network is formed doable by wireless access points (WAPs). These WAP devices give a bridge between computers and networks. Nearly continuously servers are going to be connected by cables to the network, as a result of the cable connections stay the quickest. Workstations that ar stationary (desktops) also are typically connected by a cable to the network, though the price of wireless adapters has born to the purpose that, once putting in workstations in associate degree existing facility with inadequate wiring, it may be easier and fewer overpriced to use wireless for a desktop. See the Topology, Cabling, and Hardware sections of this tutorial for a lot of data on the configuration of a LAN.

Wide Area Network :
Wide space Networks (WANs) connect networks in larger geographic areas, like Sunshine State, the u.  s., or the globe. Dedicated water cabling or satellite uplinks is also accustomed connect this sort of world network. Using a WAN, colleges in Sunshine State will communicate with places like Yedo in a very matter of seconds, while not paying huge phone bills. 2 users a half-world apart with workstations equipped with microphones and a webcams would possibly group discussion in real time. A WAN is difficult. It uses multiplexers, bridges, and routers to attach native and metropolitan networks to international communications networks just like the net. To users, however, a WAN won’t seem to be a lot of totally different than a LAN.



What is Networking :
Networking is solely an info exchange between you and another person. It involves establishing relationships with those that will assist you advance your career in some ways. A networking contact may lead to one amongst the following:  “Inside information“ on what is happening in your field of interest, like AN organization’s commit to expand operations or unleash a brand new product. Job search recommendation specific to your field of interest (where the roles area unit usually listed). Recommendations on your job searching tools (resume and /or portfolio). Names of individuals to contact concerning attainable employment or informational interviews. Follow-up interview and a attainable job provide. These individuals area unit all a part of your current network, skilled and private. Keep AN on-going list of the names and get in touch with info of the individuals in your network. raise your contacts to introduce you to their contacts and keep your list growing. Opportunities to network with individuals arise at any time and anyplace. ne’er underestimate an oportunity to make a association. There area unit variety of social networking sites wherever you’ll be able to build nice skilled contacts, like LinkedIn and Facebook. you’ll be able to additionally use discussion teams like blogs, listservs, newsgroups, and chat rooms to network on the net. this can assist you discover the new problems in your field of interest, post queries, and decide concerning specific job openings that aren’t otherwise announce to the final public.

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