Next IAS or Plutus IAS

Next IAS or Plutus IAS

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Next IAS or Plutus IAS

Next IAS or Plutus IAS is new option emerging among students who are preparing for UPSC 2019.  Next IAS is becoming with time a reliable name in IAS exam preparation.Next IAS or Plutus IAS, Although new for UPSC exam preparation but team has great experience in GATE exam section.

Next IAS is from team of Made Easy a well known for Gate exam preparation. Next IAS team has well formulated strategy of inciting students who cleared their GATE exam in past to convince them for UPSC.

Next IAS or Plutus IAS

Although Current affairs of Next IAS got very good popularity in online notes segment in 2016 but in 2017 quality detoriated.

Made easy notes are still a hot cake for students preparing for GATE or IES exams but in IAS domain NEXT IAS notes have not been very effective in front of non coaching students.

Please Note: Coachings sale their notes as well to students who are not able to attend regular classes. These notes are sold to students in different forms like ebooks , video lectures , Books , Photocopy notes.

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NEXT IAS has mentored its students well with schemes like Fee refund SChemes for its students and students from science streams found real guide in past 1 and 2 years as NEXT IAS

Its easy for Next IAS to guide its those students who have already cleared exams like GATE and IES in past. NEXT IAS major strength is knowledge base of its students.

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On contrary Plutus IAS has been indulged in SSC exams under banner of Plutus Academy with Centers across India and has Published hundreds of books related UPSC exams , SSC exams , Bank Po exam , Applied Physics etc which can be taken from online stores like Amazon or Flipkart but Plutus IAS is training students for IAS since past 6 years in small number of 35 students only. Best coaching institute in Delhi for IAS.

During our review PlutusIAS team revealed that Team is influenced with Vidyamandir Teaching (an IIT coaching which in its early days use to teach only 80 students for months and team is also influenced with Super 30 of IIT)

Past Year Result

Past year result of both coachings have been good . Performance of Plutus IAS from its batch of 35 in Pre has been 100% in 4 years out of its 6 years career.

As final result is under Non disclosure agreement Plutus IAS stated that it refunds fee of students who are not able to clear Pre or Mains for which so ever course they have enrolled.

Next IAS also has commendable result although in terms of numbers its more but in terms of percentage of students who were taught its less.

Students from Science stream may prefer Next IAS over Plutus IAS where as students with Management or Arts section will prefer Plutus IAS


Both coachings have option or Pan of 100% fee refund


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