Online Coaching Centres that provides the best study material at very low costs

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Learning is important for a person rather than method involved in it. People follow different strategies & plans to succeed in their life. Coaching can be the best method to achieve it. Coaching brings out the best in a person. Proper guidance, exact techniques & correct information can act as a base for bringing out extraordinary talent from an ordinary person. Online coaching is a new concept of learning. It can be describes as learning with a help of computer through a network that gives a student an opportunity to study anywhere, anytime on any course of his interest. It is entirely different to the concept of class room learning where students & teachers converse with each other face-to-face. It is a new method of coaching for students anywhere in the world. Online coaching has gained importance for the reason of time saving. Online coaching helps students to get complete information just by one click.

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Online CoachingBelow some of the best online coaching providers are listed with their details.


The WizIQ Platform includes everything an IIT JEE aspirant needs to take through online teaching, from a virtual classroom, to functionality to create and deliver courses with assessment tools and content sharing feature. WizIQ provides exclusive features that save time and enhance collaboration between students and teachers. WizIQ also integrates with other Learning Management Systems and websites through well – documented API, allowing anyone, whether a middle school teacher, a private tutor, a test prep company, a university, or anything in between to start teaching online.
Video Tutorials / Lectures:
                Ray and Wave Optics: Rs. 249
                Rotational Dynamics: Rs. 249
                Lectures in Hindi: Rs. 6,995
                Video Lectures for Physics: Rs. 5,999
                Complete JEE Preparation: Rs. 14,999
Study Materials:
                Complete Study Materials: Rs. 8,299
                Printed Study Materials: Rs. 2,999
Question Banks:
                Mechanics: Rs. 199
                Whole Physics: Rs. 99
Personalized Coaching of PCM: Rs. 6,995


At 100Percentile’s Engineering Prep website, all the content and tests are provided by Vidyamandir Classes, keeping in mind the latest trend and teaching methodology. The tests made available to students at 100Percentile by Vidyamandir Classes are the ones they give to their own students as well. This means subscribing to the Online test series at 100Percentile would give you access to all the tests at Vidyamandir Classes. In addition, you can compare yourself to the students at Vidyamandir Classes as well as 100Percentile. This would help you understand your actual preparation level and ascertain how much moreeffort is required from your side to succeed.
Online Test Preparation:
                Mains: Rs. 1,000 for 115 tests
                Advanced: Rs. 1,500 for 151 tests
                Combo: Rs. 2,000 for 171 tests
Crash Test Course:
                Mains: Rs. 3,000 for 48 tests
                Advanced: Rs. 2,800 for 40 tests


The Digi Library is India’s first and largest digital education Library that provides free video lectures and much more from highly respected faculties with mission to make the IIT JEE aspirants successful. The Digi Library offers courses for various Test Prep & School Curriculum courses and offers 3 main services to the students:

  • Free access to hundreds of hours of video lectures
  • Live assistance from expert faculties 24/7 through telephone and internet
  • Home delivery of preloaded video lectures, Notes & Tests on Tablet for easy access any time, any where

On Pen Drive / Tablet:

Combo Crash Course: Rs. 2,990 for 1 year
Comprehensive Physics: Rs. 2,990 for 1 year to Rs. 3,990 for 2 years
Combo Premium Pack: Rs. 4,990 for 1 year – Rs. 6,990 for 2 years
Study Kit: Rs. 5,990 for 1 year
Combo Study Kit: Rs. 6,490 for 1 and half year
Mega Kit: Rs. 8,490 for 1 and half year, Rs. 9,990 for 2 years and Rs. 10,990 for 2 for 1 and half years


EduwizardS is a multinational corporation and is a venture of one of the India’s leading Business Group. It specializes in online education with providing online testing solutions for students, schools and institutes, etc. As some of the exams have already gone online, it is reasonable to expect that in the foreseeable future, written examinations for different entrance and competitive exams would be conducted through similar online tests. Their main aim is to enable students to take an exam efficiently and accurately without wastage of time or other resources. This website features best practice tests for engineering and medical entrance exams, competitive exams with decades of experience.
Online Test Packages:
                JEE Mains Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics: Rs. 499
                JEE Mains Class XI / XII Course                            : Rs. 699
                JEE Mains / Advance Full Course                       : Rs. 999
Online Tutoring Packages:
                JEE Mains : Rs. 950 per hour of training
                                10 hrs : Rs. 6,000 for 12 months
                                20 hrs : Rs. 11,000 for 12 months
                                40 hrs : Rs. 20,000 for 12 months
                JEE Advance : Rs. 1100 per hour of training
                                10 hrs : Rs. 8,500 for 12 months
                                20 hrs : Rs. 14,000 for 12 months
                                40 hrs : Rs. 22,000 for 12 months


Etoosindia is a joint effort of the SK group of South Korea that envisions broadening the scope and medium of imparting education to the students. Etoosindia aims at providing online education to students who are preparing for different competitive. After a long successful stint in the educational industry in Korea, Etoos has now ventured into the Indian market with its VOD website to give a performance enhancing learning opportunity to the students. The online coaching solutions of them provide the convenience to study from anywhere and anytime as they provide flexibility of time and place. They impart the most innovative online tools that allow students to prepare for the examinations at their convenience. Etoosindia, have a vision to help each aspirant experience success.
With Respect to the teachers:
                NKC Sir:
                                Complete IIT Physics: Rs. 7,200 (VOD), Rs. 9,220 (DVD)
                                IIT Physics for Class XII: Rs. 5,760 (VOD), Rs. 7,276 (DVD)
                                IIT Physics for Class XI: Rs. 5,760 (VOD), Rs. 7,276 (DVD)
                                Full Mechanics for IIT: Rs. 2,520 (VOD), Rs. 3,460 (DVD)
                RG Sir:
                                Complete IIT Mechanics: Rs. 4,320 (VOD), Rs. 5,810 (DVD)
                                Complete Electromagnetism for IIT: Rs. 4,320 (VOD), Rs. 5,810 (DVD)
                                Comprehensive Physics for Class XII: Rs. 5,760 (VOD), Rs. 7,276 (DVD)
                AJN Sir:
Physics for Class XI (yearlong): Rs. 5,760 (VOD), Rs. 7,276 (DVD)
                                Kinematics, NLM, Friction & Centre of Mass: Rs. 2,665 (VOD), Rs. 3,715 (DVD)
                CPG Sir:
NLM, Friction, WPE, KTG & Thermodynamics: Rs. 2,435 (VOD), Rs. 3,378 (DVD)
                                Rectilinear, Relative, Projectile and Circular Motions: Rs. 2,287 (VOD), Rs. 3,227 (DVD)
                                Geometrical and Wave Optics: Rs. 1,860 (VOD), Rs. 2,690 (DVD)
                                Electrostatic and Gravitation: Rs. 1,787 (VOD), Rs. 2,617 (DVD)


Spanedea is an Internet marketplace for teacher – led live online learning and tutoring. Founded in 2011 by IIM Bangalore alumni, it is based in Mumbai, India. Their mission is to enable good quality teaching to be accessed widely, globally, without borders.
One to one teaching: Rs. 500 – Rs. 1,000 per hour for minimum 1 hour
Month – wise classes: Rs. 6,500
3 Months crash course: Rs. 78,000 for 3 months
Extensive Physics Classes: Rs. 30,000 for 100 classes of 2 hours
One year course: Rs. 47,000
Learning / Revision / Doubt Clearing Classes: Rs. 800 / hr


Founded by 3 IIT Bombay Alumni, Plancess EduSolutions is India’s first one stop solution that provides the company to all the undergraduate level engineering entrance examination woes.
They deliver comprehensive, concise and highly powerful video lectures by Top 100 IIT – JEE Rankers, ensuring that they get the best quality without financial constraints bogging the students down. Along with the video lectures, they also provide fresh study material, test series and video tutorials to students preparing for Boards, JEE Main, JEE Advanced and other engineering entrance examinations. They help build way to a successful and thriving career.
Video Lectures + Study Material + Test Series: Rs. 6,935 to Rs. 12,635
Video Lectures: Rs. 3,500 – Rs. 7,500
Test Series: Rs. 2,300
Online Lectures:
                Complete Mechanics: Rs. 200 – Rs. 2,750
                Complete Wave Optics: Rs. 400 – Rs. 1,200
                Complete Heat and Thermodynamics: Rs. 400 – Rs. 800
                Complete Electricity and Magnetism: Rs. 400 – Rs. 1,800
Complete Modern Physics: Rs. 400 – Rs. 700
Semiconductor and Communication System: Rs. 200


Exponent Education provides innovative video learning solutions focused on the fundamental concepts and problem solving to the students who are preparing for the competitive engineering examinations (IIT JEE, AIEEE, etc). Exponent solutions are delivered in easy to understand language as HD – High Definition quality video lecture package (DVDs) which covers exhaustive theory and thousands of objective problems of JEE, AIEEE level for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Package 1: Rs. 1,500
Package 2: Rs. 1,500
Package 3: Rs. 1,500
Package 4: Rs. 1,500
Full Package (PCM): Rs. 14,000


Kshitij Education India is India’s No. 1 Online Coaching for the preparation of IIT JEE, JEE Main, JEE Advanced and other engineering entrance examinations. It is India’s first and truly online site that offers the IIT aspirants online IIT – JEE course preparation, mock tests, Test series, Free study material, full video recording of our lectures for your future reference, comprehensive online study material, 24×7 helpline support to discuss your doubts with an IITian. The idea is very simple. A computer and an internet drives an IITian to your home!
Long Term Course:
               For Class XI Students: Rs. 41,999 for 241 hours – Rs. 44,990 for 261 hours
               For Class XII Students: Rs. 47,999 for 464 hours – Rs. 50,999 for 484 hours
               For Class XII passed Students: Rs. 65,999 for 474 hours – Rs. 68,999 for 494 hours
Short Term Course:
               For Class XI Students: Rs. 12,999 for 80 hours – Rs. 13,999 for 86 hours
               For Class XII Students: Rs. 27,999 for 190 hours – Rs. 30,999 for 210 hours
               For Class XII passed Students: Rs. 26,999 for 210 hours – Rs. 28,999 for 230 hours
Crash Course:
For Class XII Students: Rs. 14,999 for 90 hours – Rs. 15,999 for 96 hours
For Class XII passed Students: Rs. 16,999 for 94 hours – Rs. 17,999 for 100 hours


askIITians is one of the finest online education portals which aims at succoring students in surviving in this competitive world as academia is not without its own challenges. They understand the needs of the students and offer the most exhaustive collection of online academic content. askIITians furnishes interactive online classes and study material for various exams like the JEE (Main &Advanced), BITSAT, KVPY, NTSE and the various school grades and Olympiads. In addition to Indians, students staying in Gulf countries also get to explore the services of askIITians. They thus aim at ousting any kind of obstacles that come in the way of students in climbing the ladder of success!
Remote Instructional Program for One Year: Rs. 72,110
Remote Instructional Program for Two Years: Rs. 1,32,750

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