online tuition or coaching class

Online tuition or Coaching class

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Online tuition or Coaching class rising question as learning methodology

With changing nature of life style of people and so Pupil. Online tuition or coaching class has become topic of confusion amongst Parents and students. Students need to study and for proper study they need guide and teacher or teacher as guide or guide as teacher. Schools teaching and learning of curriculum is not enough to make students ready to fight for their career.

Changing learning system Online tuition or Coaching class

Coaching classes and Home tuition have been traditional methodology of learning and teaching since era. In earlier days students use to go to teachers place for learning with time , learning became more cheap through schools. Teachers use to come to school to teach and then came time of teachers reaching to students. Its era in which quality education is reaching to masses at very affordable cost. This all is being possible because of change in technology. Few coachings have started changing their methodology to online tuition as well.

Problem being faced by parents at coaching classes

  1. Huge Fee: Coachings charge huge fee these days. Teaching of students of class 6 to 12th have gone as high as more than 1,00,000 for one year syllabus in few premier coaching. It has gone beyond reach of most of parents but for betterment of their wards parents cut down their own expenses to meet coaching fees.
  2. Distance: Small students are forced to cover large distance to attend coaching classes. This distance covering force them to meet with new challenges of life like Bad social circle, Traffic , Pollution and many more.
  3. Bad Company: Mean of travelling to coaching has become cause of another major problem but it is huge which comes into ward through bad company. Kids always get attracted towards easy things and thus becomes prey.
  4. Time consuming: Different coachings have different timings and then students have to manage school time as well. Coaching classes encroach in another learning of kid and kid is indulged in going to school , coming from school, Going to coaching and coming from coaching. Students get tiered and do not get time for recreation.

Online tuition or Coaching class are solution to these problems. Although online classes , Pendrive classes or online tuition have their own challenges like that of Internet speed but easy affordability is making the system popular. Internet speed has gone high in India and this has increased learning of students through computer systems. Moreover availability of  quality teachers is also enhancing image. Even welll known coachings like Plutus academy , FIIT JEE are slowly shifting their system to online coaching. Best online coaching for SSC

Most of educational brands have launched their tablets and PC apps and mobile apps for educational learning but students still need personal attention and interaction with teachers. Online tuition give this chance to student as well.

Even notes are available these days online so why not teaching , many students buy books and notes of coachings and take online tuition or Pendrive course for government exams as well.

it has become part of life of most parents and people keep on searching for online tuition for class 8th or online tuition for class 9th has been one of the most trending searches in google in 2017. During 2018 online tuition industry is expected to penetrate 23% students attending coaching classes. slowly and gradually parents and students are understanding need of change in Industry.




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