Organizational culture

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An organization culture is a standard way of thinking, feeling and behaving in an organization. It is a set of shared ideas an beliefs on what is considered important and what are the things that need to be done in an organization and how it would be done.It consists of set of values that are common and have to be followed by ever one in an organization. These are the social forces which when followed by the employees they are awarded and ostracized when they do not follow them.

There are many functions that are performed by the organizational culture which are as follows :

  • It helps in creating organizational identity and differentiates one organization with the other
  • It creates a sense of commitment and loyalty among the employees as it provides reward of ownership
  • It helps in promoting stability within the organization of creating a standard for behaviour.   Organizational culture
  • It allows sense making by interpretation of behavior.

There are different levels of organizational culture which are :

  1. Behaviour- in this level some observable things are done by the people. In this level stories, slogans, and ceremonies are included.
  2. Beliefs and values- this level depicts the guiding behavior and the mission statement acts as guiding principle to follow particular pattern of behavior.
  3. Assumptions – in this level the understanding is based on the perception of the people based on the surrounding objects.

The main purpose of the organization culture is to integrate the members of the organization so that they can relate with each other and can work with the feeling of togetherness. It also helps the organization to move in the direction of achieving its mission statement and can adapt to its surroundings.

Response from culture

  • Examine how should the people in organization communicate
  • Determine what is the interaction level of the people
  • Describes how the people relate to each other
  • Guide the people for relationship building in their daily work
  • Analyse what is the idle standard of behavior that should be followed
  • Determine the allocation of both power as well as status

Learning from organizational culture

  • It helps the employees to understand how their actions would affect the key factors of the organization.
  •  Culture initiates equality among the employees so that all are treated with same respect.
  • Culture is a form of :
  1. Risk taking
  2. Adaptation
  3. Continuous improvement

Therefore every organization should have a unique organizational culture.



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