Questions on Paper Batteries with Solutions

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Questions on Paper Batteries with Solutions-

Question-1 What do you understand by the term paper batteries?

Paper Batteries Details

Discription of Paper Batteries

A paper batteries are the flexible, ultra-thin energy storage and production devices formed by combining carbon nano tubes with a conventional sheet of cellulose based paper. A paper battery acts as both a high-energy battery and super capacitor, combining two discrete components that are separate in traditional electronics.

Question-2 Write the construction of paper battery?

Paper Batteries Construction

Construction of Paper Batteries

1. A zinc and manganese dioxide based cathode and anode are fabricated from proprietary links.
2. Standard silkscreen printing presses are used to print the batteries onto paper and other substrates.
3. Power Paper batteries are integrated in to production and assembly processes of thin electronic devices.
4. The paper is infused with aligned carbon nano tubes, which gives the device its black color.
5. The tiny carbon filaments or nano tubes substitute for the electrode used in conventional battery.
6. Use an ionic liquid solution as an electrolyte- the two components which conduct electricity.
7. They use the cellulose or paper as a separator- the third essential component of battery.

Question-3 Write working of paper batteries?

Paper Battry Working

Working of Paper Battry

1. The nano tubes acting as electrodes allow the storage device to conduct electricity.
2. Chemical reaction in battery is occurs between electrolyte and carbon nano tubes.
3. Battery produce electrons through a chemical reaction between electrolyte and metal in the traditional battery.
4. Electrons must flow from the negative to the positive terminal for the chemical reaction to continue. Ionic liquid, essentially a liquid salt, is used as the battery electrolyte.
5. The organic radical materials inside the battery are in an “electrolyte-permeated gel state”, which is about halfway between a solid and a liquid. This helps ions to smooth move, reducing resistance, allowing the batteries to charge faster.
6. We can stack one sheet on top of another to boost the power output. It’s a single, integrated device. The components are molecularly attached to each other: the carbon nano tube print is embedded in the paper and the electrolyte is soaked in to the paper.

Question-4 what are the needs of paper batteries?
Answer- Following are the needs
Limited Life Time:
Primary batteries ‘irreversibly’ transform chemical energy to electrical energy. Secondary batteries can be recharged but they have very short life time, paper batteries overcome both problems.
In case of leakage the chemicals release may be dangerous but no such toxic chemicals are used in paper batteries.
Environmental Concerns:
The wide spread use of batteries has created many environmental concerns, such as toxic metal pollution e.t.c while paper batteries can be easily decomposes without any harm.

Question-5 Write down the properties of Cellulose used in paper battery?
Answer- properties of Cellulose used in paper battery
1. High tensile strength; low shear strength
2. Biodegradable
3. Bio compatible
4. Excellent porosity & absorption capacity
5. Easily reusable and recyclable
6. Non-Toxic

Question-6 Write down the properties of Carbon Nano tubes, a constitute of paper battery?
1. High tensile strength
2. Low mass density and high packing density
3. Very light and very flexible
4. Very good electrical conductivity
5. Low resistance

Question-7 How does weather affect batteries?
Cold weather does not generally affect batteries but hot temperature does not recommended for batteries. Therefor flashlights, cameras and other battery operated products should not be left in vehicle in hot climate.

Question-8 What are the advantages of paper batteries?
1. Paper battery is cheap, thin and flexible.
2. It can generate a voltage of 1.5V.
3. It is disposable with household wastes.
4. Paper batteries are rechargeable.
5. Thin-film cells can be stored for decades.

Question-9 What are the limitations of paper batteries?
1. Paper batteries have low strength they an be ‘torn’ easily.
2. The techniques and the set-ups used in the production of Carbon Nano tubes are very expensive and very less efficient.
3. When inhaled, their interaction with the microphages present in the lungs is similar to that with asbestor fibers. Hence may be seriouslu hazardous to human health.

Question-10 Write the applications of paper batteries?
1. Smart Cards and Tags:
Power papers can be laminated onto smart cards and other micro devices and replace ordinary tickets and tags.
2. Used in electronic games and entertainment devices.
3. Disposable medical devices:
Single use delivery and diagnostic devices could have power paper incorporated in to their construction to allow for sensors and smart labels.
4. The paper batteries would be ideal for use in automobiles, aircraft and even boats because of their light weight.


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