Philosophy Optional IAS Coaching in Chennai

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Philosophy Optional IAS Coaching in Chennai

Here you can get more pieces of information about Philosophy Optional IAS Coaching in Chennai, for more details check the below article.

If you choose philosophy as your optional subject you should have to work more even other subjects. Philosophy of language explores the nature, the origins and the use of language. Philosophy of mind explores the nature of the mind and its relationship to the body. It is typified by disputes between dualism and materialism. In recent years this branch has become related to cognitive science. Philosophy of human nature analyzes the unique characteristics of human beings, such as rationality, politics and culture. Metaphilosophy explores the aims of philosophy, its boundaries and its methods.

If you are looking out for the top institute that offers best Philosophy optional coaching in Chennai, then you should certainly read below. Officers IAS Academy and Shankar IAS Academy in Chennai have an exceptional teaching faculty for several UPSC Mains subject especially Philosophy optional. Just check out the perks of joining these institutes right away.

Ranking of Top UPSC Coaching in Chennai – Philosophy Optional

List of Top Philosophy Optional IAS Coaching Centers in Chennai 

First in the list of top Philosophy Optional IAS Coaching in Chennai is

         Rank 1. Officers IAS Academy in Chennai

Perks in joining Officers IAS Academy

  • The staffs in this institute have hands-on experience in teaching tons and tons of UPSC candidates
  • High-quality study materials from reliable resources
  • Exhaustive training program
  • Hansei program to keep track of each and every student’s progress during the UPSC preparations.

Faculty members of Officers IAS Academy

Israel Jebasingh, IAS – 2004 batch, All India Rank – 59

  • Rangarajan R, IAS – 2005 batch, All India Rank – 46
  • Satapathy R, IAS, Retired as Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu
  • Sivasubramanian,IRS – an IIT and IIM
  • Nandakumar, IRS – Additional Commissioner Income Tax
  • Ilanchezian, Former Asst. Commandant CRPF
  • P.S.KUMAR, 7 UPSC Mains, 3 Interview, 10 Years Teaching Experience In Agriculture Optional
  • Mr. Aakash
  • Mr.A. Palaniappan
  • Dharmaraj M

Toppers from Officers IAS Academy

  • Arun Raj, IAS
  • (All India 34th Rank, 2015)
  • Dhivya, IAS
  • Ronnie, IFS
  • Vinod Vikeshwaran, IDES
  • Brinda Boopathy, IAAS
  • Aravind, IPS

Courses and fees structure in Officers IAS Academy

  • General Studies (Prelims + Mains) + CSAT + Optional + Mock Interview Rs. 1,48,000
  • GS + Optional + Mock’  – General Studies (Prelims + Mains) + Optional + Mock Interview – Rs. 1,30,000
  • ‘GS + CSAT + Mock’  – General Studies (Prelims + Mains) + CSAT + Mock Interview – Rs. 1,18,000
  • ‘GS + Mock’  – General Studies (Prelims + Mains) only + Mock Interview – Rs. 1,00,000
  • ‘Optionals’  – Optional paper only Choose 1 from Public Administration I Anthropology I Agriculture I Political Science and International Relations I Geography I History I Law I Sociology I Economics I Psychology I Philosophy I Tamil Literature I Commerce and Accountancy I Geology I English Literature I Mathematics I Medical Science I Engineering. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical I Sanskrit Literature | (5 months) Rs. 30,000
  • ‘CSAT’ – CSAT (3 months) -Rs. 18,000

Address: Plot No. 935, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040

Mobile Number: 044 4048 3555

Philosophy  Coaching  Fee Structure: 30000

Must Check – Top IAS Coaching in Chennai

Second in the list of top Philosophy Optional IAS Coaching in Chennai is

        Rank 2.Shankar Ias Academy in Chennai

Perks in joining Shankar IAS Academy

  • Consistent success rate over the years
  • Comfortable class timings
  • Best teaching faculty
  • Gained people’s trust by providing world-class coaching
  • Excellent place to kick-start your IAS preparations

Faculty members of Shankar IAS Academy

Check out the teaching staffs who are behind successful toppers for years and get set to acquire the finest coaching from them.

  • Mr. Shankar Devarajan
  • Mr. Chandrasekar S
  • Mrs. Vaishnavi
  • Mr. Mitrapal
  • Mr. Rajitha Shivashankar
  • Mr. Manikandan S.R
  • Mr. Govindaraju R
  • Mr. Arun Kumar

Toppers from Shankar IAS Academy

Want to know about the toppers who scored high rankings in the UPSC exams? Just read below to know about the students of Shankar IAS Academy who came out with flying colors.

  • Srushti Jayant Deshmukh (AIR 5)
  • Rishab C A (AIR 23)
  • Sreelakshmi R (AIR 29)
  • Lakshmi N (AIR 45)
  • Rangashree PK (AIR 50)
  • Renjina Mary Varghese (AIR 49)
  • Mohd Abdul Shahid (AIR 57)

Courses and fees structure of Shankar IAS Academy

Check out the packages and individual charges for the IAS training and choose one that suits your requirements.

  • GS+ CSAT + Optional = Rs.141,000/-
  • GS+ CSAT + Optional = Rs.141,000/-
  • CSAT = Rs.16,000
  • Optionals = Rs.30,000
  • General Studies (Prelims cum Main)=Rs.95,000

Address: Door No 18, Old Plot No 109, New Plot No 259, AL Block, 4th Avenue, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai ‐ 600040

Mobile Number: 044-48574957 | 76677 66266

Philosophy Coaching  Fee Structure: 30000

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Q. Is philosophy a good optional subject for IAS?

Ans: Philosophy is a good optional subject:

Yeah, Philosophy is a good optional subject for each and everyone who prefers to learn more new things, when you choose philosophy you will get to know more about that in detail. Philosophy is a highly preferred optional subject in the civil services exam. Many toppers have opted for philosophy as an optional subject. It is ideal for candidates from any academic background.

What are the Best IAS Coaching Center in Chennai?

It is Good Decision to Join the Best IAS Coaching Center only.  You must Check the Ranking of Top IAS Coaching in Chennai before finalizing any IAS Coaching Center for IAS Preparation in Chennai. Top IAS Coaching in Chennai are

Rank 1 Shankar IAS Academy in Chennai

Rank 2 Ganesh IAS Academy in Chennai

Rank 3 Officers IAS Academy in Chennai

Rank 4 All India Civil Services Coaching Centre Chennai

Rank 5 Smart Leaders IAS Academy Chennai

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