PHP course- The importance in the industry

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PHP is a server side scripting language. PHP is mainly used for developing dynamic web applications. It is a great choice for application developers because of its simplicity and many frameworks on which it is built. PHP developers or professionals are highly in demand for which PHP courses are available to be done from most o the institutions. The purpose of this course is to train the students about PHP  and its other two frameworks which are Joomla and Cake PHP. The training is being given for solely enhancing the skills and knowledge of the employees. So a PHP course is a much important course to pursue.

PHP stands for the abbreviation PHP hypertext preprocessor. PHP is an HTML embedded scripting language. Most of the syntax of PHP is being taken from the languages like C, Perl and Java. PHP course consists of a quick learning of all these programming language concepts.

Contents of PHP Course:-

1. Advanced PHP
2. Joomla
3. OsCommerce
4. PHP Realtime Projects
5. Smarty
6. Moodle
7. Codelgniter Framework
8. CakePHP
10. jQuery
11. AJAX
12. MySQL
13. PHP
14. PHP Web 2.0
15. WordPress
16. Drupal CMS
17. Zend Framework
18. Magento eCommerce
19. Tquery

Syllabus to be covered for PHP:-



1. Overview of PHP
2. CSS and types of CSS
3. Overview of java script
a. Learning about Tags
b. Overview of table and designing of form in table using CSS
c. Form Designing
5. Core PHP
a. Sessions in PHP
b. Login form designing and submission of form
c. Sign in and sign out process using sessions
d. Form designing with details of the form which includes:-
— radio Button
— Check-box
— Text-box
— Text Area
e. Submission of images using a form
f. Mail using PHP script
6. Learning about MySQl and database.
a. How to create database?
b. How to create table?
c. How to connect project with database?

Advantages of Virtual Live training:-



Virtual live programs are much advantageous as they deliver the virtual programs which are based on the real time scenarios. Different institutions offers this training where your requirements are being organized, assessed and designed as per the requirement of the industry. It is much advantageous for the following things:-

1. It is much convenient and it is a cost effective process and excellent quality training which is available at a price which is suits the best for you.

2. Almost all institutions have excellent trainers who are  trained for delivering. Moreover they are highly professional who have the best capability to teach the students.

3. Training are structured in a specific way so that it suits with the requirement of the employee and employers.

After the end of the training a student is thoroughly evaluated from which certification process is done to determine whether the envisaged or deserving results have been achieved or not.


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