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Placement criteria for AMTEK Auto Limited


Company’s Profile:

          AMTEK Auto Limited is one of the largest integrated automotive component manufacturers in India and it has world class facilities in India, Europe and North America.  The company has produces the components for non-auto sectors.  The company has 43 world class manufacturing facilities located in India and Europe.  Mr. Arvind Dham is the chairman of the company who gives his full support in all ways for the company’s growth.

The objective of the company is to ensure continuous and open communication with all financial market and participants for better services.  It has awarded best performance award in Quality & Delivery in the year of 2009. The automotive products include Forging Division, Iron Casting Division, Aluminium Division and Auto-mobile Machinery Division.  The non-automotive products include Transportation and Speciality Vehicles.

To overcome the competition, AMTEK extends its presence over North America, Europe and Asia to explore new customers to provide products to scale new heights.

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum Qualification for the candidates is to have diploma/under graduation in

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Auto-mobile engineering

Questions in Technical Round:

1.  What are the general rules for flushing slurry lines?

Slurry lines should be flushed with a minimum velocity of 10ft/s and the total flushing liquid volume should equal 3-6 times the total piping volume.

2.  What is King Pin Offset?

It is a geometric parameter which is positive if the kingpin axis intersects the wheel plane at or below ground level, or is negative if the point of intersection is above ground level.

3.  What is the meaning of CC of engine?

CC stands for Cubic centimetre.  CC represents the total volume of an engine cylinder.  The engine which has more CC, can produce more power than others.

4.  What is an injector pressure in heavy vehicle?

Injector pressure is 220 kg/cm square.

5.  Why tractor rear wheel is big than front wheel?

To provide maximum torque.

Questions in HR interview:

1. How much salary did you expect?

2.  Tell about yourself?

3.  What is BHP & How it is measured?

BHP stands for Brake horse power.  It is the braking power required to stall an engine Means horse power required to stop engine rotation.

4.  What is transverse weight shift due to drive torque?

Transverse weight is the weight of drive torque which is bolted to chassis of the car.

5.  What is the working principle of hydrostatic propeltion system in a tractor?

It depends on pascal law.  The pressure in the system remains the same, the force that the fluid gives to the surroundings is therefore equal to pressure in the x area.  In that way, a small piston feels a small force and a large piston feels a large force.

Contact us:

Corporate Office

4, Bhanot Apartment,

Pushpa Vihar,

Lsc, Khanpur,

New Delhi, DL 110062

Phone: 011 4234 4444



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