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Placement criteria for BEML


Company’s Profile:

The Bharat Earth Movers Limited was started on May 1964.  It is shortly named as BEML.  The BEML is a Public Sector Undertaking limited.  The 54 percentage of total equity is being owned by Government of India.  The Public, Foreign Institutional Investors, Financial Institutions, Banks and Employees own the balance 46 percentage of equity.  The turnover of the company during its first year operations is about 5 crores.  Now the turnover of the company reached 3500 crores. The products of BEML are exported to more than 56 countries with 9 manufacturing units.

R & D for the BEML centre was established in the year of 1984, which was recognised by Government of India.  The centre provides vital contribution towards strengthening the earthmover and related industries in India.

Major businesses are:

  1. Mining & Construction
  2. Defence and Rail and
  3. Metro

The manufacturing units are located at:

  1. Bangalore
  2. Mysore
  3. Palakkad
  4. Tarikere

The recently opened local companies globally located at:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Brazil
  3. Malaysia
  4. China

The manufacturing products are:

  1. Bull Dozers,
  2. Excavators,
  3. Dumpers,
  4. Shovels,
  5. Loaders ,
  6. Motor Graders,
  7. Rail Coaches,
  8. Metro Cars,
  9. AC EMUs,
  10. OHE Cars and
  11. Steel and Aluminium Wagons.


Job titleQualificationExperienceSalaryAge limit
CarpentersMatriculation from any recognized Board or ITI4 yearsRs.4800 per month23-35 yearsAs on November 2012

The other special recruitments are:

SC/ST/OBC Candidates (Post Wise):

1. General Manager – 03 vacancies
2. Dy. General Manager – 12 vacancies
3. Asst. General Manager – 17 vacancies
4. Senior Manager – 07 vacancies
5. Manager – 08 vacancies
6. Assistant Manager – 03 vacancies

PWD Candidates (Area Wise):

7. Human Resource – 05 vacancies
8. Finance & Audit – 13 vacancies
9. Quality – 04 vacancies
10. Civil – 01 vacancy
11. Public Relations – 03 vacancies

Interview process:

  1. Written exam
  2. Group discussion
  3. Technical round
  4. Personal round

Questions in Written Exam:

1.  Define encoder?

Encoder is a circuit, transducer or software program that transforms information from one format to another for the purpose of standardization, security and to increase speed.

2.  What is the difference between pressure vessel and column?

Pressure vessels are normally used to store fluids under pressure.

Column vessels are designed to separate the gas at upper portion and the liquid is collected at the bottom.

3.  What is angular momentum?

Angular momentum is the change in angular velocity which is used to express the objects mass and rotational speed.

4.  What is the difference between latches and flip flocs?

Flip flocks provide clock signals while latches don’t need any clock signals.

Questions in Technical Round:

1.  Why the resistance has colour code?

Due to more number of resistances in circuit, the resistance can be find by the colour code during burn after dis-soldering.

2.  How much pressure will come from gravity feed tank which is 10 metres high?

Pressure of 956 pounds per square inch(psi) is observed from the gravity feed tank.

3.  Why always voltage of the current is 230V?

By Ohm’s law, V=IR.  Load is variable, so current depends upon the load and voltage is 230V.

4.  What kind of modulation is used for land phone communication?

Pulse Code modulation is generally used for land phone communication.

5.  What is NMC?

NMC is Network Management Centre.

Questions in Personal Round:

1.  What things an engineer has to know basically?

  • Principle of the systems
  • Working of the components of the systems
  • Electronics
  • CNC Machines
  • MC & plc

2.  What are ups and interviews?

Ups is an Uninterrupted Power Supply and Inverter is to invent the load in DC to AC.

3.  What is Artificial Intelligence?

An Artificial Intelligence is the branch of the science which makes the hardware systems i.e the computers to act as human beings.

4.  What is improving?

Improving is the methods followed to reach higher productivity providing better work environment.

5.  What is the mechanical advantage of a double pulley?

Double pulley only uses half of the effort to move an object but it takes twice the distance.

Contact Address:

BEML Limited,


23/1, 4th Main,

SR Nagar,

Bangalore 560 027.

Phone No: 91 80 22963240

Email id:



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