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Placement criteria for Gitanjali Gems Limited


Company’s Profile:

          The Gitanjali group was started in the year 1986.  They are the pioneer of diamond and jewellery.  They are using latest CAM and CAD equipments for designing and cutting.

Their brands are:

  1. Nakshatra
  2. D’damas
  3. Gili
  4. Asmi
  5. Sangini
  6. Maya
  7. Giantti
  8. World of Solitaire
  9. Shuddhi
  10. Diya

          The Gitanjali Gems Limited was started on 21st august, 1986 as a private limited.  The company became as a public limited company on 2nd august, 1991. On 1st April, 2005 it started a subsidiary named CRIA jewellery limited.  Their main business processes are cutting and polishing rough diamonds.  They business internationally.  They have manufacturing units at Mumbai and Surat.


Job titleKnowledge requiredExperience ,WCF, Silverlight2-3 years
VB ProgrammerOracle, Optional Triggers, VB 6.02-4 years
Data Entry Operatorentry equipment; coding information2-3 years
Sales Coordinatorsales analysis2-3 years
Social Media Marketing Managergenerating inbound traffic3-5 years
Sourcing CoordinatorReport generation & MIS 43-5 years
Asst. Merchandiser2-4 years
System Engineerresolving of desktop PC/Server problems2-3 years
Data Entry Operator2-3 years
Senior Executiveexcel Part2 years
Business DevelopmentEcommerce2-3 years
Costing Officer0-0 years


Questions in Technical Round:

1.  State the difference between a template class and class template in C++?

Template class is a generic definition which is not installed until the user or the client provides the needed information to be stored.

Class Template defines the construction of an individual class and it explains the jargon for plain classes.

2.  What is the use of ‘using’ declaration in C++?

The ‘using’ declaration is used to get a name from a namespace without the use of scope operator.


3.  What is the use of controller object UIApplication?

Controller object of UIApplication is generally used to manage the application event loop without subclassing.

4.  Which activity in an organization is not directly responsible for operations management?

To know the exact products and services of customer satisfaction is not directly responsible for operations management.

5.  Define modifier in C++?

Modifier also known as mutators is a member function that changes the value of a data member.  It modifies the state of an object.

Questions in HR Interview:

1.  What are the common precipitating agents used to remove metals?

Metal hydroxides, Lime, Metal sulphides, Phosphate and Ferric salts are used to remove the metals.

2.  What is a slined joint?

Slined joint is a Cotter pin

3.  What is the role of nitrogen in welding?

Nitrogen is used to protect the metal from porosity by preventing the entry of oxygen and air.

4.  Which app specific objects store the apps content?

Data model objects are most commonly used to store the apps content.

5.  Do document objects are required for an application?

Document objects are not required for an application, instead they are used in grouping data that belongs in a single file or file package


Contact Address:

B-6, 1st Floor, Laxmi Towers,

Bandra Kurla Complex,

Bandra (East),

Mumbai 400 051.

Phone No: 91 022 40102000


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