Placement Criteria for Google

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The article gives you the complete informtion regarding Google and also about the Placement criteria for google.

Introduction to Google

Google is the top multinational corporation which has its expertise in internet related product and services like online marketing, cloud computing.

Google was the development of Larry page and Sergey Brin on 4th September 1998. In the year 2006 it moved its headquarter to California. Google Is not only a search engine it now offers many online productivity softwares like email, office suite, online desktop, IM’s etc. Google has its own web browser Google Chrome.

In the year 2012 Google was listed as a most visited website by Alexa all over the world. Google also has several other owned websites like Youtube and Blogger.

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Eligibity Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Google is the first 30% of the toppers in the class, and only 2 or 3 get selected.                                              PLACEMENT CRITERIA FOR GOOGLE

Hiring Process- The hiring Process consists of only two rounds written test and the HR interview both of which are extremely difficult to crack.

Few practise Questions for written test are given as follows:

  1. Find the value of i ?


long l=1024;

int i=1;


{ l=l/2;



  1. s->AB



Which one is false?

  1. If the mean for failure hour is 10,000 and 20 is the mean for the repair hour.If the printer has been used by 120 customer,then find its availability?
  2. You are given two arrays that are sorted find the kth maximum element in both?
  3. What is the method of finding the next ancestor in a binary search tree?
  4. How efficiently can million integers be sorted?

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HR Interview Questions 

  • In which situation you were asked to do multitask?
  • Why do you want to work for Google?
  • What do you do to paas your time when not working?
  • Convert an integer into a char string?
  • What is to be done to merge two arrays?
  • How much do you know about Google?
  • What type of Google products have you used?
  • What creativity can you apply for marketing in Google?
  • How many golf balls can you fit in a school bus?
  • How will you find a shirt from the closet full of shirts?
  • .What do you understand by manhole covers round?
  • What is the significance of dead beef


Placement criteria of companies keep on changing with requirements at different times so for candidates who like to apply with google or any company should keep on updating themselves with changing placement criteria. We have tried to discuss placement criteria of google here as on 6th Feb 2015 but for more updated criteria , we would suggest candidates to mail us at with contact number or call 01204221413. So that will be in better condition to serve them.

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