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Placement criteria for Gujarat NRE Coke Limited


Company’s Profile:

           Gujarat NRE Coke Limited (GNCL) is the public limited company producing large amount of met Coke in India.  The company was incorporated in the year of 1986.  Gujarat NRE is the only Indian company which has coking coal mines in Australia.  Mr. Arun Kumar Jagatramka looks over the company who is the gold medallist in qualified Chartered Accountant.

          The objective of the company is to be the world’s premier resource company to deliver high quality products by employing high technologies and to meet competitive products.  The company provides safety, free accommodation, and subsidized medals to the employees by recognising the work.

           Coke production is the capital for the integrated steel and iron plants.  Coke production finds various applications in number of other sectors such as cement industry and pit furnaces for gas producers and castings all over India.  Few units of the company is in the west part of India due to major demand from the local production.

Eligibility Criteria:

The company offers jobs in

  • Chartered Accounts
  • Insurance Management
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Company Secretaries
  • Managers in various areas

For these jobs, Graduates in

  • Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical and Automobile Engineering
  • Masters in Finance, Accounts and Marketing
  • Diploma in Accounts

Questions in Technical Round:

1.  What is BHP?

          Boiler Horse Power is unit of power used to measure the power output from boilers

2.  What is Power factor?

          The ratio of the true power to apparent power is the Power factor in an ac circuit.

3.  What is transmission voltage?

          Transmission voltage is about 440kV.

4.  In which condition, a residual current device will get disconnected?

          A residual current device will get disconnected under Earth fault conditions.

5.  What reduce the Balancing loads over three phases?

          Balancing the loads over three phases in an electrical circuit will reduce Neutral currents.

Questions in HR Interview:

1.  What are the things to be considered before an electrical installation?

          Risk assessment is to be carried out, components are removed after switch off the main power and temporary supplies are installed.

2.  Why one has to avoid skin contact with quartz lamps?

          The contact of quartz lamp with skin reduces the life span of the lamp.

3.  What is the full form of ASTM?

          The full form of ASTM is American Society for Testing and Materials.

4.  What is the difference between strategy and tactics?

          Strategy is the overall methods to get the company’s goal

          Tactics defines the way in which we can achieve the company’s goal.

5.  Which one is not a financial objective?

          Customer loyalty is not a financial objective.

Contact us:

22 Camac Street,

Block C, 5th floor,


West Bengal 700 016.

Phone No: 033 2289 1471

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