Placement criteria for Tata Coffee Ltd

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TATA Coffee Ltd. Logo.

Tata Coffee is one of the most leading integrated coffee plantation company in the world. Tata Coffee has tendered in every characteristic of the coffee making process with business behavior ranging from increasing and therapeutic of coffee and tea to the manufacture and advertising of value added coffee products.

Tata Coffee nurtures coffee on its own estates they are having 19 coffee estates. They  are processed the bean exports green coffee produce and send an overseas Instant Coffee and retails coffee with its own branding in the domestic market.

These estates are located at various elevations and the coffee produced possess distinct cup characteristics.

Tata Coffee exceptionally lies in its ability to make large quantities of estate explicit, strain explicit, sphere and premium coffee, whereas maintaining a strict consistency in quality.

Their plantations are coffee, coffee curing, tea, estate supplies, instant coffee, timber.

Their vision is to pick up customer Centricity, quality and occupied workforce will be on drivers to achieve Rs 1000 crore endeavor by 2015.

Current opening:

They are recruiting people for the following areas

  1. Plantation management
  2. Finance
  3. Sales and distribution
  4. Brand marketing
  5. Information technology
  6. Medical professionals

Questions asked for the interview:

  1. 1.     Explain how you would be an asset to this organization?

Every organization wants to develop better and I want to formulate my delivery service great success and that if I could unite here than I could get probability to investigate my ideas for the growth of your alleged organization with my expert knowledge and experience.

  1. 2.     What do you know about this organization?

                Your company is one of the most famous company. Your aim is to provide best quality to the public and to achieve Rs 1000 crore endeavor by 2015.

  1. 3.     Why you want to join in our organization?

This is a good organization with perfect management. I had the sense of hearing that in this organization I can gain knowledge and good atmosphere. The job is moderately a challenge for me which will help recover my development.

  1. 4.     Why should we hire you?

                I can fill the requirements of this job to solve customer problems using my excellent customer service skills.

  1. What can you do for this company?

I am experienced in the areas this companionship needs to grow, and my ability to plan further on will help make possible that the growth of the company.


Contact address:
No.57, Railway Parallel Road

Kumara Park West


Karnataka  560020
080 2356 0695

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