Placement Guidelines For Microland.

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 Selection Process: Placement Guidelines for Microland

Microland’s Selection process consists of Four rounds:

  1. Written test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. HR Interview
  4. Technical Interview.

 Microland’s written test has 30 Questions which candidates need to be answered in 30 minutes. Written Test includes the following sections:


  1. Verbal ability – odd one, sentence formation, fill ups, synonyms, etc
  2. Aptitude – Linear equations, Ratio and proportion, percentages, Average, Number Equations, Ratio Variation etc

Group discussion would consist of general awareness topics. There are some skills that a candidate should have while facing the GD which are:

  1. How you are communicating with others
  2. How quick do you make decisions
  3. Do you have listening skills?
  4. How much knowledge to you have about the topic?
  5. How much open you are in your ideas?
  6. Your positive attitude

Few topics for GD are as follows:

  • Is cricket responsible for lack of interest in other games
  • Happiness is gained from health or wealth?
  • Can women be good managers then men
  • Remixing the song is right or wrong?
  • Are Joint families good?
  • Should group discussion be part of placement drives.
  • Globalization

Microland’s HR interview would consists of questions like:

  1. Tell us about yourself?
  2. Can you perform well in pressure?
  3. What are your short term objectives?
  4. About your family
  5. Questions related to subjects
  6. What do you do to pass your time when not working?
  7. Convert an integer into a char string?
  8. What is to be done to merge two arrays?
  9. In which situation you were asked to do multitask?
  10. Why do you want to work for this company?   

About Microland:


placement for microland

Microland has about 2300 skilled employees who work hard in providing world class facilities to their clients. The team has an immense knowledge about the domain.The firm has alliances with top industries like cisco, Microsoft, VMware etc.

The company is concentrated to few basic principles like:

  1. Commitment to its client
  2. Focus on work
  3. Innovativeness in service
  4. Excellence in their work

Microland is known to be the leading service provider in IT infrastructure which offers a huge range of services to its client all over the world. Microland is the pioneer in management of remote infrastructure.It has its headquarter in India with presence in different countries like America, UK and in middle east. Microland was founded in 1989 and since then it has achieved its expertise in infrastructure and technology optimization.

The IT outsourcing industry these days is going through huge transformation. The main reason of this transformation is that the customers are no longer satisfied with the offshore services being provided traditionally. The costumers now are demanding latest business and pricing models that can make IT operations more technologically transformed for achieving higher standards with low cost of course.

For this Transformation Microland has introduced the process of smart thinking and Innovation through the concept of Smart Center. Smart Center has been creating framework that incorporates learning.

The smart Center basically has three fundamental principles.

  1.  Analytics
  2. Automation
  3. Assurance

Analytics ensure predictability, and learning IT methodology

Automation reduces problems by skill based routing and automated troubleshooting at lowered costs. Assurance deals with reports and dashboard tracking with performance metrics.

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    final year BE (telecommunication engineering) student

  3. Ritika Savita says:

    IT sector always attracts zealous & hard-working candidates from the engineering sector. Microland is among the best IT companies. This article provides all the intricacies of the selection process in this company.

  4. Kamal Artwani says:

    Hi Team Oureducation,

    I am Kamal Artwani working as a Recruitment Manager with Microland.
    I am heading the Employer Branding initiatives here.

    The above blog does not give an appropriate view of the process at Microland.

    The above blog needs to be removed and I would also request you to connect me to Namrata Mandhyan who has put up this blog.

    Kamal Artwani

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      Dear Kamal,

      Let us know the missing information or correct procedures of recruitment process … the post will be modified accordingly.

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    microland is one of the best IT company. this is a good one those who are interested in IT field. this article give the easy way to understand the interview process.

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