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Bajaj Logo

Bajaj Logo

Bajaj is among the top business firms of India and ranges from a huge range of Industries including home appliances, iron and steel, automobiles, insurance, finance and many more. Bjaj has also be ranked as fourth k=largest company in terms of automobiles. It is also known across several countries including Latin America, South East Asia, Middle east and many more.Bajaj was founded in 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj who was adopted by Gandhiji as his son.

Bajaj affirms that its competitiveness is linked with the well being of all levels of the society and believes in equal employment for all, as well as believe in the overall growth of the society.The company has a tie up with different educational institutions to support the lower strata of the society.

Selection Process– There are three rounds of selection in the interview process of Bajaj

  1. Written test- Time given is one hour. All questions have negative marking. There are 25 technical questions and 25 non technical questions which may also vary. The main topics to focus on are Data interpretations, average, Time and distance, permutations etc..
  2. Case Interview/ Group Discussion- the time allotted is ten minutes for the preparation for the topic and discussion takes place for about 25-30 minutes. It is mainly a shortlisting round.
  3. Technical/HR interview- This round includes question like About yourself ,family, projects. Subject related, stream wise questions are asked and is difficult to crack.

Some questions for written test are given for practice:     PLACEMENT PROCESS FOR BAJAJ

  1. Out of 20 Rupees I bought 1,2,5 rupee stamps which are different in numbers. Because of reason of no change with the shopkeeper he gave 3 one rupee stamps. So how many stamp I have with me?.Ans: 10
  2. Each of the person either know swimming or rowing. Out of all there are 14 who know swimming and 14 know rowing. There is sale of 8 tickets for rowing. How many tickets are sold for swimming?
  3. Which polygon has no. of sides = diagonal (Eg. Pentagon)
  4. One cigar is made from 7 bits. If there are 16 cigars in total then how many bits are collected? Ans 4 bits
  5. There are 11 lines that are made in plane. How many intersections are possible from it?
  6. P # Q = (P-Q)(Q-P) = – 1. Then Which is true?   P = 3, Q = 2 P = 2,Q = 3 P = -1,Q = 1 P = 1, Q = -1 


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    Bajaj is among the top most bussiness firms in INDIA. IF anyone want to get into BAJAJ, this article will be helpful.

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