PMP Project Management Professional

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PMP Project Management Professional

PMP Project Management Professional, a certification being most looked for in industries and especially in all categories. PMP Project management Professional certification is being taken by corporate with about 5-6 years of experience minimum who have handled few projects. In general case its management and managerial level of certification where learning is all about how to handle a Project.


Is PMP certificate holders offered jobs?

According to PMI that is Project management Institutes , Globally about 6,13,567 PMP project

PMP Project Management Professionals

PMP certification

Management certified corporate are active and serving different industries. It has about 270 chartered chapters which are being taught in 197 countries across the globe.

PMP certifications are based on module training where a candidate looking to appear in PMP exam needs to complete 36 modules of PMP from a PMI certified center.


PMP Certification Training

PMP certification training has mainly five components which are as follows:

1. Project Initiation: This constitutes about 13% of the course module in the PMP certification course and a to be project manager learns about standards of initiation of any project.

Planning the Project: Project Planning constitutes 24% of the total course in PMP certifications and this part is just next to the Project Execution part. All standard procedures to be taken care of while planning a project is learnt.

Executing the Project: Project Execution is the most important part of this PMP certification process where PMI has allocated 30% marks

Monitoring and controlling the Project: Monitoring and controlling Project is an important part of PMP and it constitutes for 25% during

Closing Project: When it ends well, everything is well and thus last part, of course, has 8% of importance during the course of PMP certification.


Project management certifications

After completing Project Management Professional, a candidate has to take an exam wherein 200 questions are asked on random basis out of which 175 questions are actually counted for evaluation and first 25 questions are like warm-up sessions.

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