Political scenario in India

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India, once the golden bird has witnessed many changes and has a rich history of producing great leaders. Political scenario in India has changed with every new era. From time to time it has been ruled by many rulers like Rajputs, Cholas, Pandas, Lodhis, Mughals, Britishers etc.  Lastly we have been ruled by Britishers in which we have seen lots of movements happening in India and in this some great leaders were born like Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawahar lal Nehru, Moulana Azad , Bhagat singh , Neta Subhash Chandra Bose etc.

In 1947, India got  independence and since we are on the path of growth and dominated by Indian National Congress which stays in power mostly since 1947. From that time to 1991 we are the socialist economy and then in 1992 Indian economy opened its door for the foreign companies. From then lot of changes happened in the society.

Political Scenario in India

Political Scenario in India

Mr Shashi Tharoor in his book “The Elephant , the Tiger and The Cellphone” has called India an Elephant which only see it’s rich golden history not thinking about the future, it has become old lot of dust on her back , dying a slow death , Tiger(Westerners) comes to India only to see it’s rich golden history but don’t think about investment. But in 1992, the magical decision of opening an economy has been taken by the then finance minster Mr. Manmohan Singh and suddenly the elephant which has become old resurrected from past and slowly and gradually transition took place. Now the elephant has become more aggressive and giving cut throat competition to the tiger.

Political scenario is like this- there are 36 national parties in India; United Progressive Alliance i.e. Congress plus other parties in ruling at the centre  and the opposition in National Development Alliance which include BJP plus others. There is lot of political up-down happening in India and it is quite tough to take decisions . Opposition parties always oppose the decisions taken. Like recently, there is lot of heated arguments over FDI in retail sector and then there are issues over hanging of terrorist like Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru .

This Topic has been of very High Important in different public Service Commission Exam like that of UPSC,RAS,BPSC, and MPBSC etc. As Essay Topic. 

The proposed GST i.e. Goods and Service Taxes make foreign companies feel unsafe in India as  an investment destination. Center government has proposed it many of the Non-UPA government is opposing it to imposed in their particular states. Each and every bomb blast that happens there is lot of issues on it.

India is a democratic country but what actually happens is a mobocracy, what public protest for government has to bow down and has to accept demands. In a democratic country where blood was shed on issues like to built  mosque on temple and our secular leaders take part in fights.

The year 2012 was full high-voltage political activities, since the beginning of the year the ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’ has been in the news. The nation has witnessed the campaign of Anna Hazare and Ramdev over the bill. However, there were many rounds of talks between the civil society members and UPA government to finalize the issues, but the result was same.

India is heading for the 2014 General Election, which will decide which party is going to get the clear majority in the Parliament. As a part of preparation for the big political battle, all the parties seem to be ready with their campaigning strategy and issues. Political scenario in India has changed every now and then. So it will be interesting to see who will be our Next PM.

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    want a article on changing political scenario in india

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    if i survive the political feed back o indain socio economic structure

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    On a bird’s eye view will India be a developed nation in 2020/??

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    India is a democratic country and Politics is like a game …Political Party which win the election boll is in their hands…..which gives clear idea of Political Scenario in India.

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    Political issue in India is one of the controversial issue as in India is a democratic country in which all single person may ask any thing to any one but our politician on ask they don’t want to listen others and this is why our politics effect our nation. Their is so many points in which our India politics lacking so in this article we can get to know the original face of our politics.

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