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Ethical hacking:



Ethical hacking can be described as the hacking procedure done by professionals to identify the potential threats on the computer network. The Ethical hacker actually hacks his way through the system for finding the loop holes present in the system and the bad security arrangements so that the companies can rectify them. This the organization does to reduce if not eliminate any potential threats to the organization. here are Ethical hacking interview questions.

In order to authenticate the hacking to be ethical one has to follow the rules:

1. One need to take permission first to probe the network to find the potential threats to the security of the network.

2. One needs to respect the companies privacy policy and not intrude.

3. You need to report all the security venerability found to the company. Leaving none.

4. You must inform the software developer about any security issue in the software.

Following these rules could make you a good ethical hacker. Also, Ethical hackers are trusted people in the organization and thus the trust factor enables them to have hefty salaries. Thus, the career as an ethical hacker is great. Ethical hacking interview questions.

So, for the help of aspirants here are some Ethical hacking interview questions:

1. Who is hacker?

Answer: A hacker is an intelligent individual with excellent programming skills, and who would have the ability to create and explore computer software.

2. What is footprinting ?

Answer: Foot printing is known as uncovering and collecting as much as information about a target network as possible about a target network.

3. Definition and types of scanning.

Answer: Scanning may be referred to as a set of procedures for identifying hosts, ports and the services attached to a network. Scanning is a very important component for information gathering for the hacker to create a profile in the site or the organization to be hacked.

Types of scanning:

There are 3 types of scanning-

a. Port scanning

b. Venerability scanning

c. Network scanning.

4. What is Enumeration ?

Enumeration is defined as the process of extracting user names, machine names, network resources, shares, and services from a system. Enumeration techniques are conducted in an Intranet Environment.

5. What is SNMP( Simple Network Management Protocol ) ? 

the Simple network management program can be defined as a simple TCP/IP protocol used for remote monitoring and managing hosts, routers and other such devices on the network.

6. What is MIB ( Management Information Base )? 

It is a database (virtual) that contains information about all the network objects that are their in the SNMP. This data base in hierarchic and all the objects contained in it are addressed by  object identifier.

7. What is LDAP ( Lightweight Directory Access Protocol ) ? 

It is a protocol that is used for getting access to the directory listing in the present active directory or also from the other directory services.

8. What is NTP ?

This is protocol whose main function is to synchronize the clocks in the networked or connected computers.

9. What are the types of hacking stages ? 

a. Gain access

b. Getting privilages

c. Executing applications

d. Hiding the files

e. Covering the tracks

10. Types of password cracking techniques?

a. Dictionary attacks

b. Brute Forcing Attacks

c. Hybrid Attack

d. Syllable Attack

e. Rule – based Attack

For more interview question on Ethical hacking download pdf by clicking: Ethical hacking interview questions

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